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Brian Bonar: A Man of Passion

When you have been in the financial sector for nearly thirty years, you really have to love your job. Heck, to do anything for thirty years, I would hope that you love the job, care about it, and give it your all. When it comes to Brian Bonar, there are many words to describe him. Passion is the one that is sticking with me right now.

Brian Bonar has never lost that passion and that thirst for the job. He has never burned himself out or gotten tired of it or looked for other lines of work. He believes this is his true calling and he takes it incredibly seriously. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

He knows a lot of people are counting on him, rely on him, and depend on him. Others might welt under that pressure or it might be too much for them to handle. When it comes to Brian Bonar, he puts on his thinking cap and gets right to work.

I’m honored and pleased to announce that Brian Bonar recently received the Cambridge Who’s Who® Executive of the Year in Finance for his work as CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation. This is the highest honor that one can receive in their line of work, which shows you the importance of it and what it means to Brian Bonar.

In addition to that, only two men and two women receive this award every year. It isn’t like they hand this award out to just anyone. You have to earn it and if there is anyone that has earned it, it is Brian Bonar. He is a true leader in every sense of the word.

After thirty years, he still loves to pass on his knowledge to the younger generation. He loves to help them, guide them, and show them the way. Brian Bonar knows they are the future and he is a firm believer in protecting the future and taking care of it in the best possible way.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar has also taken his professional and academic achievements quite seriously as well. He knows what he has done, where he has gone to school, and what he has achieved. He is proud, as he should be, and I have a feeling this won’t be the last time he will be winning this award.

I think it will be the first of many awards for him, and every single one has been earned through his own work ethic. These might sound like cliches, but they are true for him. He is the first person in the office in the morning and the last one to leave. He puts in the extra hours. He doesn’t stop until he has an answer. That’s just how he is wired.

Kate Hudson Endorses her Amazing Athleisure Line from Fabletics

Actress Kate Hudson has been around for many years making films and television shows. Did you know that this Hollywood A-List actress is also a spokeswoman for the Fabletics line of affordable fashion wear? Yes, that is right. Kate Hudson has teamed up with Fabletics CEO Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler to bring a practical line of stylish but functional clothing for women.

Hudson is the spokesperson for this outfit and she even designs fashions for this women and children clothing outlet. Hudson has been promoting the Fabletics line since 2013 and it has caught on Europe as well as the U.S. She often speaks out about the style of clothing that she and her co-founders have to offer to consumers.

First up is Hudson’s athleisure line of dresses, the Fabletics. These dresses are practical and functional but stylish enough to wear out on a date. Hudson claimed that she wanted to create a line of clothing that would be sexy enough for a woman to wear out with her husband but useful enough for an all day outing event with kids.

Some of Hudson’s athleisure line can be worn in the office as well. Hudson wanted to create a stylish casual dress that could blend in within many different environments. Her athleisure dress line, Fabletics has helped her to accomplish this goal.

Many of Hudson’s athleisure dresses have built in support so a woman does not have to wear a bra with them. They can just slip on the dress and go about their day. Hudson says that the dresses are not designed for exercise; Fabletics do have materials that can be used for this reason. The dresses are made out of athletic materials that are durable enough for that type of wear and tear. You can find out more about Hudson’s new summer wear line at

Planning a Party, Ask Twenty Three Layers

There are a lot of ways you can have a party. You may want to do something that is outside or that has a great theme. You can do it yourself, but why would you when Twenty Three Layers will do it for you.


Twenty Three Layers will do all the planning for you. They may want to know if you have an idea in mind and if you want a theme, but they will take all of the hard work out of your hands. They can do everything from the invites to the cake to the venue without missing a beat. This takes all the pressure of having the perfect party away from you so you can enjoy your party with everyone else and it will still look and be great.


Twenty Three Layers may need some impute into what you want for your party. They may want to know what the party is for and how you want it presented. Such as if you want a party for a Wedding or if you are planning a Birthday. Either one of these will impact what the party looks and feels like. They need to know this in order to plan the perfect party for you and your needs. They may also ask you to approve certain items that they want to use for your party. This means you will be involved in every step of everything that is going on. You just won’t have to worry about last minute problems or other things that may come up. They do that for you and you get to enjoy your party.

Planning a party can be a really hard thing to do, but if you are willing to hire a team that is going to give you the best party, then you will not be unhappy with the outcome and the look of your party. That is why Twenty Three Layers is a great choice for your party needs. You don’t have to worry too much about what is happening because they have it handled for you. All you need to do is enjoy your party.

Madison Street Capital Gives the Best Advice

Madison Street Capital is an international investment firm that is known for providing excellent and unique solutions to clients of the firm. Madison Street Capital is the investment firm to go to for advice in investment opportunities that will diversify the portfolio, minimize the risk liability, as well as increase the amount of return. Madison Street Capital is a company that promises integrity, excellence, leadership, and commitment in every single action that this investment firm takes in order to secure success for the client. Madison Street Capital offers an assortment of services that include financial advisory services, merger expertise, as well as financial options for businesses that are a part of both the private as well as the public sector. Every single piece of advice that is offered to the client ensures the company’s place in the global financial market. With the highest professional standards all over the world, Madison Street Capital has many loyal clients that can attest to the expertise that Madison Street Capital offers to the client.

In recent news, Anthony Marsala, the Chief Operating Officer was recognized for his success in being the co-founder of this investment firm. The honor that was recently bestowed on Anthony Marsala was given on behalf of the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. The the decision process for this honored award was difficult, Anthony Marsala was a worthy choice and has used the award to further the advancement of his company. With over 125 nominees, every single one of these nominees were unique and were being recognized for their influential achievements within the business industry.

As the co-founder of Madison Street Capital, Anthony Marsala has lead the company to have a large presence all around the world which include a large presence in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Anthony Marsala is responsible for continuing the high quality services that are provided as well as improving the customer service that is provided to each and every valued client of the business. Without Anthony Marsala, it is evident that Madison Street Capital would never be as successful as it is now. Mr. Marsala’s dedication and business ventures have ensured the long last success of the company and the company’s legacy.

Anthony Marsala considers his skills to be diverse in the financial industry. Not only is he interested in investments that concern technology as well as energy, but Mr. Marsala is also interesting in investments towards agriculture, medical devices, bio tech, manufacturing, among many other industries. At Madison Street Capital, a wide range of investment opportunities is guaranteed for each and every customer to be successful. With one of the highest standards for investment opportunities, this company all but gives success to investors.

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A Gift For Trouble, At A Terrible Personal Price

If you would never work a day again in your life, work on something you’re passionate about. It’s a stock piece of self improvement advice, and it applies to Thor Halvorssen of the Human Rights Foundation in the extreme.

Most things about Halvorssen are extreme. A man of dual Venezualan and Norwegian heritage, Halvorssen is the antithesis of the typical human rights hashtag hero. Where they stay in countries where they’re safe, and build up hashtag campaigns trying to build awareness and sympathy, Thor Halvorssen goes out into the world, and fights directly. He’s been beaten by secret police; he’s gone into countries where only his high profile would keep him from being “vanished” like the people he’s trying to help.

He doesn’t just tell sob stories about the dissidents and the political prisoners, he arranges media events — like the Oslo Freedom Forum — and gives those dissidents the spotlight. In his own words “People who’ve been through this, people who’ve lost family members, years of their lives, their health, their wealth and even their limbs, are far more eloquent than I am.”

Halvorssen comes by this passion honestly. It’s more than just abstraction to him, it’s personal. His grandfather punched Nazis to give Norwegian shipping a safe harbor in Venezuala during World War II. His father, appointed to a government position in that same country to clean up the drug trade, was jailed for 74 days on trumped up corruption accusations, made by a man who later recanted and told how he was tortured for his confession. His grandmother, from an old Venezualan family, was shot and killed by Hugo Chavez’ thugs in a rally, his mother was shot and wounded in the same rally. His cousin Lopez has been in a Venezualan prison for over a year, with food smuggled in by his family, because the prison won’t feed him.

Halvorssen, bluntly, has no patience for people who come in, get glad-handed by dictators and then go home to the triumphal procession. He’d rather spend his time sneaking into contact with a prisoner and getting an exclusive interview, or making gestures that offend dictators, or even bouncing around schemes to send USB drives loaded with ‘forbidden’ material over the North Korean border by balloon drop.

Halvorssen is a man of action, and he’s ecumenical in his willingness to take help. He takes money from right wing and left wing advocacy groups, and he focuses his work not on the safe topics, like Guantanamo Bay, but on the harder ones, like the nature of African dictatorships, Russian treatment of dissidents like Pussy Riot; Garry Kasparov works with the Human Rights Foundation, as do other high profile people in the community. Halvorssen has a knack for theatricality and production values; like most good producers and directors, he’d rather direct the spotlight on the people delivering the message, even when it’s not himself. This has garnered him donations from high level philanthropists, such as Sergey Brin of Google.

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Loan Repayment In New Jersey Simplified By Devco

Loan repayments in New Jersey have been simplified using the Devco corporation and their planning department. Cities across New Jersey must come to Devco for the funding that is required to develop new properties, and Devco provides the municipality with the money needed. A loan repayment plan is created as described in the Press of Atlantic City, and this article explains how cities benefit once their plans are implemented.

#1: Loans Are The Only Reliable Source Of Funding

Loans are the only reliable source of funding for municipalities in New Jersey, and they must approach every development as a new opportunity. The cities are hoping for funding to come through tax payments, and they may use the tax payments to repay their loans. It is a cyclical effect that anyone may take part in, and Devco stands at the center of the issue.

#2: How Are Loans Underwritten In New Jersey?

Loans in New Jersey are underwritten by the Devco finance office, and their staff allows for loans on multiple projects at once. A city that prefers to develop multiple projects may choose to do so using funding from Devco, but they must pass the lending requirements from Devco. Devco offers their loans year-round, and they are willing to work with cities time and time again until the city is satisfied.

#3: How Fast Do Funds Come In?

Tax funding appears when developments are completed, and Devco accounts for the construction time required for each project. Projects are not completed immediately, and cities may not repay their loans until they are seeing positive tax gains.

Devco has devised a system that will profit every city in New Jersey that is moved to invest. One loan will create a development that may multiply the tax earnings of a community, and the community repays the loan when ready.


Norka Luque Went From Dance Club Singer To Chart Buster But It Wasn’t Easy

People say the entertainment industry is a very tough industry when it comes to making it big. People do it all the time, but when the amount of people that try to make it is compared to the amount of people that actually have a long-term career in music, it is obvious that making the big time in music is a million-to-one chance at best. People hear about success stories all the time, and they don’t realize what it takes to become one of those stories. Great singers don’t become great overnight. Besides having the talent, a great singer must make sacrifices, endure hardships and pain as well as take what comes their way until that one big break presents itself. That’s what happened to Norka Luque, the Venezuelan-born singer that was nominated for the best female pop singer in 2011. Norka had been singing for years when that honored was announced. No one knew who Norka was unless they visited a Latino dance club on South Beach in Miami.

Norka’s career didn’t start on South Beach. Norka started singing in Caracas when she was eight. She had the talent to be cast in a Luis Miguel musical back then. But just like all music prodigies, it would take Norka years to make it to the bright lights of Miami. Norka finished lower school and upper school in Venezuela, and she moved to France to study. She earned degrees in fashion, marketing, and culinary arts while she sang in a band called Bad Moon Rising on the weekends. Bad Moon Rising gained a reputation in the French dance clubs, and Norka developed a following in France. But she knew she would have to move to Miami in order to fulfill her dream of becoming an internationally known singer.

Norka made the move to Miami, and she began singing in clubs along South Beach. Her voice attracted a large Latino dance crowd and before long she was in demand. Even the Grammy-award winning producer Emilio Estefan hear her sing, and he didn’t waste any time signing her to a record contract. Emilio’s team put together Norka’s first album, and two of the singles became dance club hits. Norka’s name was suddenly on the tongues of radio jocks and music moguls. Norka’s second single, Milagro, hit the charts and raced to the top in the U.S., Venezuela, and Puerto Rico. Norka is on her way, and there’s no stopping her now. Find Norka Luque on Facebook and Twitter to learn more and hear her music.

Blowing The Whistle, Saving The World

America is in reclamation, and the SEC has thus composed legislation enacted by congress. That legislation gives whistleblowers employment protection. It also gives them 10 to 30 percent of recovered sanctions exceeding one million dollars, and additional incentives based on recoveries.

America is arguably a leading economic force in the world today. There was a time when it was The leading economic force, but that time has passed, and was heralded by the 2008 financial collapse. This collapse happened because bankers were doing novations. A novation works like the transitive property in Algebra. If A is the same as B, and B is the same as C, then A is the same as C. This property is only mathematically accurate if all values are, in fact, equal. For instance: take three blocks of wood, one painted green, one red, and one blue. They’re all the same height, weight, and material. They just differ in their outward appearance–so they become interchangeable for a variety of purposes. But if you try to interchange them on basis of their color, they are no longer equal.

The transitive property is very selective, bankers prior the 2008 election were not. They’d trade sub-prime loans via novation as though they were equal to the cash they were nowhere near being worth. At the root of this were Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. These two organizations used political sensitivity to usher in loan authorization for individuals who were not able to sustain the load in any way shape or form. Where before Freddie and Fannie there were protections, afterward there were not. That point right there is where a whistle should have been blown, because unquestionably those involved in facilitating this transitive switcheroo understood to some degree what it would mean: economic collapse. It’s the same principle as using one credit card to pay another. This works for a while, but when the bubble breaks, someone has to pay the piper. That can mean reclaiming things purchased with the card.

Jordan A. Thomas, previously working for the SEC, wrote the legislation behind Dodd-Frank. He now leads Labaton Sucharow, the first Whistleblower Representation Practice to develop after the legislation was enacted. Through this practice, whistleblowers can retain anonymity, protect their job, and receive monetary incentives for doing the right thing.
If Dodd-Frank can help embolden whistleblowers, the fallout from 2008’s meltdown may in some part be repaired, and future implosions may be prevented. Find a SEC Whistleblower Lawyer to represent you!

The Real Reason for Fabletics

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the same could be said for fitness, too. Kate Hudson has been making headlines for years in matters pertaining to her killer athletic figure, and her upkeep with her clothing line, Fabletics, only allows the media to take more notice. In an interview with Elle Magazine, Hudson, while munching on popcorn, gave some insight into the world of fitness, the madness behind her popular line, Fabletics, and how she has always maintained a stunning physique.

Discussing how she has always been a fitness buff, further information unraveled the reason behind Fabletics. A history of dance, pilates, and running has been great enough, but Hudson greatly disproved of the prices of quality athletic wear that doubled as attire for hanging out with friends. “We wanted to make sure it was real athletic wear you can wear, whether you are an athlete or somebody who is really starting out that part of their life. I always wanted a legging you can wear to workout or throw some boots on and go out in,” exclaimed Hudson. Well, this idea sparked Fabletics, a line growing more in popularity by the day. See:

As the discussion intensified and readers gained insight into Hudson’s passion for dancing, they begin to understand just how sick of diet fads that the actress and designer really is. Describing that working out is difficult enough without the influence of the media, Hudson stressed the importance of being comfortable in your own skin and with your own diet methods. Stressing the need to ignore trends within the industry, the fitness guru undoubtedly validated just why she maintains her popularity among women across the globe.

Fabletics is more than a clothing line–it is a lifestyle change. Affordable workout gear doubles as something to wear out for a night on the town, and that is crucial in today’s expensive world. By improving the confidence of women by getting them mobile in a manner that does not stress them out, Fabletics serves the purpose that Hudson always intended, and that is undoubtedly admirable.

Accomplishments Made By Dr. Jennifer Walden As A Plastic Surgeon

Born in a family having a medical background, Dr. Walden understood the importance of work ethics as a young girl. Her father worked as a dentist. Her mother worked as a surgical nurse. Dr. Walden studied at the University of Texas where she graduated with her degree in biology and later, received her medical doctorate. The experienced plastic surgeon worked under Dr. Sherell Aston, a world-renowned authority in aesthetic plastic surgery. Initially, Dr. Walden was working in New York. However, she returned to Texas after deciding to become a mother. Dr. Walden decided to move to Texas because she wanted her twins to be close to her family. She is a consultant to different leading aesthetic corporations, such as Ideal Implant, Sciton Inc, Venus Concept and Thermi Aesthetics.
About Dr. Jenifer Walden
Dr. Jennifer Walden is properly trained in cosmetic surgery. She is a member of the American society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and a member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. Currently, She serves as the vice commissioner in charge of communications for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She also serves on the board of directors of the same body. Dr. Walden is running her own business, Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center. She also has her own operating suite, which is fully accredited, at the Westlake Medical Center. The doctor and her team are committed to maintaining high standards of patient care and safety.
Recently, Dr. Walden opened doors to her satellite cosmetic surgery clinic. In addition, she has immense privileges at Seton hospital, Westlake Medical Center, Hill Country Memorial hospital, St. David’s North Austin Medical Center and Central Park Surgery Center. Over the years, Dr. Walden has received numerous awards for her contributions in the field of plastic surgery. She is a recipient of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Award for having the best scientific exhibit. In 1998, she received the Achievement Citation courtesy of the American Medical Women’s Association. In the same year, she also received the Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Award. Dr. Walden is a recipient of a Kelsey-Seybold Foundation’s scholarship and an Excellence in Medicine Award given by the Mavis P. Kelsey.


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