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Priemum Dog Foods are the Fastest Growing Segment of the Multi-Billion Dollar Pet Food Business

Many people today are becoming increasingly aware of the food they eat. These folks want their food to be healthy, nutritious and sustainably sourced. Not only do they want these qualities for themselves and their families, but also for their four-legged companions. According to an article published by the Chicago Daily Herald (, the premium pet food business is the fastest growing segment of the $23.7 billion a year market.

The most important thing that sets the premium dog foods apart from the rest is the use of high-quality ingredients. Some dog foods advertise more exotic meats like venison, buffalo, and wild salmon as their main ingredients. Whatever the source, high-quality protein is an important part of your pet’s diet.

Some of the premium brands also claim to carry other health benefits. One claims to assist in helping your dog’s arthritis, and other in controlling canine diabetes. Some manufacturers also offer the pet owner the ability to customize their pet’s diet and receive the blends by door-to-door delivery.

Whatever you choose to feed your furry companion, a high-quality dog food is important. One that contains all your pet’s daily nutritional needs is Beneful from the Nestle Purina Store Petcare Company. Purina has been around for over a hundred years and has invested millions of dollars and hours into researching pet nutrition. As a result, Purina is the world’s second largest manufacturer of pet food.

Beneful Brand Dog Food can be found in both wet and dry varieties and in a number of package sizes. There is also a line of treats to supplement your dog’s meals. Beneful offers a number of different menu selections ranging from “comfort” foods like beef stew to more discerning entrees like Beneful Romana Style Melody with pasta, chicken, and carrots. All of the ingredients used must pass through a rigorous quality control process to ensure your pet gets only the very best food that can be found.


Glasses And The Importance Of Finding Those That Fit Your Face.

Among the many accessories in the fashion industry, glasses stand out as one of the most influential and beneficial accessories. There is a wide variety of glasses available in the market. These glasses range from sunglasses, trendy glasses and medical glasses. Of late many fashion designers have ventured into the glasses sector to offer top designed glasses to their market. It is estimated that nearly every person in the world currently owns a pair of glasses. This was brought by a wave of fashion sense that made the wearing of glasses trendy and fashionable. This far apart from the myth that glasses are a sign of a high degree of intelligence possessed by the wearer.

One of the fields in the glasses industry in which designers have gotten a chance to improve is the glasses frames. Going back about two decades ago, glasses frames had nothing much to offer. Elle Magazine states that currently there are over a thousand designs for glasses frames. The frame you choose to have on your glasses depends on what your glasses are meant for. Those in very strict professions will prefer to have frames that match up with the officialdom of their careers. On the other hand, those who want to wear glasses just to make a fashion statement will go for more creative and appealing frames. The fancy glasses have a wide variety of frames that match up with the mood and taste of the wearer.

Most of the glass frames coated with precious metals like gold and silver are liked by those who want to maintain some social class and status. Frames of glasses are not only to make the glasses look better on you but also to make sure that the glasses fit on your face. It is important to wear glasses that fit on your face to give yourself a better and an appealing look. The with the current advancement in technology, gone are the days that you just went to a fashion store and picked a pair of glasses and walked out. These days, those who are serious about making a fashion statement with superbly fitting glasses go for designer glasses. Designers help them get exactly the glasses that they need for their faces.

JustFab has among the best collection of designer glasses in the market. They always make sure that you get a pair of glasses that will interest you and go far beyond just covering your eyes but also help you improve your facial appearance and help you watch YouTube. If you have a special interest in the glasses, then you can go for their subscription services. In this services, you will be able to get regular fast hand deliveries at you convenience and also enjoy great discounts.

Pets want to Eat Healthy Meals Too


Pets might not have a voice like people but they do know how to communicate. People who own pets realize that these four-legged creatures love to eat healthy pet food products. As a matter of fact they make it point to buy their dogs and cats these high quality products. Healthy choices are not just something that pet owners want; dogs and cats are in on the act as well.

Pet food manufacturers realize that a market exists for pets who want healthy foods. They make it point to cater to this market. This trend has come about from the changing eating habits of many Americans. As more and more people are making healthier eating choices for their meals; they want their cats and dogs to experience the same thing as well.

Pet food brands are now being made with healthy products such as fruits, vegetables and grains. Traditionally, these foods were not a part of standard dog foods. Now, they are being included within many varieties because of their nutritional value. Pet owners really appreciate the added benefit.

Beneful is a dog food brand made by Purina. This brand of dog food has high quality products that are easy to digest and pleasing to their pallets. It is proven that dogs generally like the taste of Beneful products and pet owners agree. There are many different flavors which include chicken, brown rice, bacon and cheese.

Beneful tries to distinguish their products by including vegetables to some of their blends. They know that dogs will get a nutritional boost to their bodies and improve their coats when they eat these food items.



Autism Rocks Concerts for Charity

Sanjay Shah had a brilliant thought one day of a way he could personally make a difference in the research of Autism. Voila, a charity had been born and a divine meeting with music mogul Snoop Dogg found help and support for the group. Now this new charity boasts an unusual name of “AUTISM ROCKS”! They host private concerts world-wide hoping to bring in not only monetary donations, but also to further explain the difficulties those with autism have. This is a strange difficult disease that is hard to understand and there is no known cure. But with the assistance of concerned people like Sanjay Shah, there could be a cure just on the horizon. There is a special interest in this project for Sanjay since his own small son has this. It has been a long ride, for Sanjay and his family. But there is always hope and help if we all bond together and just get behind Autism Rocks and give them the boost they truly need. We need to understand why this happens in the first place. Is it totally genetic? Only time and your contributions will help us to find answers to these vital questions. The same as all involved with this disease, Sanjay and his friends and family only want more understanding and a better explanation. And this is totally possible in the near future if we can only get the help needed here. Great strides can and will be made with your help!! A “Go Fund Me” page has been set up to help patrons offer their love and caring. It is easily found at rocks01. Please help Sanjay Shah achieve his dream of a cure for autism. So don’t forget us at! Do it today…make a huge difference in today’s world. Any help you can offer will be met with the utmost gratitude.

Women in Business Find a Partner in QNET

Entrepreneurial opportunities have grown in recent decades thanks in no small part to the Internet and the access it gives the individual to establish and grow a business, access materials necessary to reach a potential customer base. But it’s not always as simple as it seems, and for some adopting a partnership with a business like QNET, one that sees the potential for good in an entrepreneur can make the difference between success and failure.

Forgoing the path of traditional employment, leaving fixed income for the possibility of increasing revenue through business, and building a schedule and work environment that works uniquely to their personal lives, is a decision that many find alluring, but few know how to begin. To sort of show the way, QNET took the initiative to extend a relationship to prospective partners. During International Women’s Day, which many businesses observe to recognize the contributions women make to the world of business, QNET unveiled an initiative that extended an invitation to young female entrepreneurs. This partnership is designed to help these young business people develop their business ideas before going out to the public, giving them the tools necessary to remain competitive.

Get to know #QNET concept of Absolute Living:

Posted by QNET (Official) on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

This is a continuation of QNET’s goal of maintaining a diverse work environment and helping the world of business become a more gender-equal environment (, . In fact, according to the Direct Selling Association, QNET’s direct selling to independent businesses has filled 74% of its workforce with women, as well as throughout the company itself. According to Khaled Diab, QNET’s MENA Regional General Manager, the makeup of the company has been critical in its success selling in the MENA region.

After a fruitful training session in #Turkey. ✌🏽️✌🏽✌🏽#QNET

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. In numbers collected by the United States Agency of International Development, exclusionary economies, wherein a specific group of people have all the opportunities to prosper, leads to a sluggish economy, working against the goal of development of these countries. Instead, the USAID recommends that opportunities be made available to all, including women and young girls, because with access to effective healthcare and education, they can take part and interest in the development of their countries.

This is an assessment that QNET has agreed with in some fashion for a while now, making their decision to partner with women in direct selling to be an organic one. And this is a mutually beneficial relationship, wherein QNET gets access to brilliant minds in business and these young women gain the experience necessary to pursue their dreams in business.

Learn more about QNET in India here >> or follow QNET on Twitter.

Show The World You Care With Skout’s Random Act Of Kindness List

It’s wild how easy it is to meet people online. There are so many great online networks to join. Skout is my favorite online social media network because it’s the easiest one to use if you like meeting new people online. I like to meet friends that way. I have so many online friends that I can’t even count them all. I love to see what people do in different parts of the world. We all have something in common. We all have something wonderful to add to the lives that we reach. It’s so easy to meet people all over the world that you can have a great conversation with.

The newest thing that I have seen on Skout that really impressed me was their surveys. They poll their users on some of the most interesting topics I have ever heard of before. Have you ever heard of the Random Act of Kindness Week? It was really exciting to me, and I wouldn’t have known about it if it wasn’t for the survey that Skout had started. They had their results printed on Uloop’s website.

The results of the survey proved that a large percentage of Skout’s users actually care about expressing their kind feelings to strangers. Apparently, 93 percent of the college students surveyed have been doing random acts of kindness, and over 50 percent of the people surveyed do these types of wonderful, encouraging acts on a daily basis. Have you been doing random acts of kindness, or is this new to you like it is to me?

I have done kind things in the past, or course. However, the random acts of kindness on the list of top acts on the survey are new to me. I never considered buying a cup of coffee for a stranger until I saw that suggestion on the survey results on Uloop’s website. They have a bunch of other suggestions for showing your kind hearted feelings to strangers on the survey results page. There are all kinds of creative ways to show the world that you care. Take a look at the Uloop article for more information.

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