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The Litigation Process with Karl Heideck

Understanding the litigation process with Karl Heideck
Karl Heideck explains the litigation process

The purpose of filing a lawsuit in court is for a certain right to be enforced. The litigation process encompasses various steps, which are employed towards finding a solution to the matter. Litigation can happen through a court trial or negotiations. In litigation, the plaintiff files a complaint. The complaint papers must include a brief description of the disputed issue’s facts, all the parties to the dispute, specific damages caused by an action or lack of the action by the defendant as well as the pertinent legal claims.

In pleadings, the defendant is duly served with the plaintiff’s complaint. He or she is requested to file a statement in response within a stipulated time frame. The preceding steps are discovery, a series of settlement conferences, the trial, and an appeal. During discovery, the disputing parties exchange information with the aim of gathering evidence. This is the most time-consuming process in litigation.

The settlement conference is where either the disputing parties or their respective attorneys meet and attempt to resolve either all or part if the issues filed in the litigation. The series of settlement conferences are useful in reducing the time the litigation would take before a court judge. The trial could be a bench trial, where a judge will decide the case alone, or happen before a jury. All the parties to the litigation must consent for the trial to proceed through the submission of a trial brief.

Visit to learn more about Karl Heideck.
Visit to learn more about Karl Heideck.

If a party to the dispute is not contented with the jury or judge’s decision, he or she may file an appeal with a higher court. Overlooking the significance of an excellent litigator is ignorant. A good litigator will not only represent you throughout the entire litigation process but will also handle all the demanding stages of the trial. Karl Heideck is a successful litigator, who is well known for his excellent litigation skills and experience. A litigator is required to have successfully pursued a bachelor’s degree in law, obtain a Juris Doctor Degree, pass LSAT, take the bar exam and finally earn extensive experience and reputation.

Karl Heideck has passed through all the requirements and fully satisfied them. As a litigator, Karl Heideck is into the general practice, and one can find him at Jenkintown Law Firms or Pepper Hamilton LLP. Karl Heideck has been practicing litigation for almost one decade and counting. At Swarthmore College, Karl Heideck graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He later attended the James E. Beasley School of Law at Temple University to pursue his Juris Doctor Degree.

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How to get competent lawyers like Jeremy Goldstein working on your case

Jeremy Goldstein is one of the most competent lawyers in the field of advisory and compensations. The law firm that he works with specializes with cases where there are transitions between one management system and team to another in a corporate environment and issues such as governance have arisen in the process. Their aim is to make sure that the transition occurs smoothly without situations blowing out into contested legal battles. He founded the firm after working with several firms and realizing that being able to run his own company would be a better position to help him effect any real change in the lives of his clients.

Some of the huge transactions that he has been part of and steered towards success include the Goodrich by United Technologies, deals with Verizon, Goldman& Sachs among many other deals. Besides being an exemplary lawyer and leader in his field, he has been engaged in the American Bar Association business section as the manager of the Mergers and Acquisition sub-committee. He is also a member of the board to a charity organization known as Fountain House. This is a charity that is dedicated to getting recovery solutions for people that are affected with mental illness.

It is possible to contact and link up with this lawyer for different legal issues. The New York State Bar Association has set up a website where clients with issues such as criminal cases, child custody issues and landlord-tenant problems among others can get legal help in resolving. The service is available 24 hours and is one of the most reliable in the country. You only need to log on to the website, look at the people who are listed and choose the professional who matches your legal needs. The questionnaires that you will fill will help the site management link you up with the ideal professional for the case.

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The Market Standards have Earned Securus A+ Accreditation from The BBB

Securus Technologies is an information technology company that is based in Dallas, Texas. Securus is the largest provider of detainee communication, government information management solutions, and parolee tracking in America. This company was founded in 1986 with four regional offices around Texas. The facility services more than 3450 institutions among then correction facilities, law enforcement, and public safety agencies. Securus inc has employed more than 1000 employees who cater for more than 1, 200,000 inmates in various correction facilities across North America.


Since its inception, Securus has been committed to providing quality services. The company has been dedicating resources all geared towards improving its services. In the course of execution of its duties, Securus has received numerous awards in recognition for providing high-quality services to their clients. Particularly, in 2016, Securus received an A+ rating accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in recognition for its outstanding performance.


According to the vice president of operations, Danny de Hoyos, secures technologies has been working hard not only to receive an A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau but also to fulfill what they say to the public. He further added that the accreditation was voluntary on their side, but they worked hand in hand with the BBB in order to achieve the following required standards:


i. Build Trust- Securus worked hard to establish and maintain a positive record in the marketplace


ii. Advertise honestly- this standard requires all entities to observe the set standards of advertising and selling.


iii. Honor Promises – Securus will abide by all written agreements between them and their clients.


iv. Be Responsive- Securus will respond to any market dispute that may arise quickly in a professional way and in good faith.


v. Be transparent &safeguard privacy- this standard requires Securus to safeguard all the data they collect regarding their clients from mishandling.


George Soros Is Not Afraid To Label Trump At The Davos Summit

Even though hedge fund giant George Soros has done business with Donald Trump in the past, he’s not that excited about a Trump presidency. In fact, that’s an understatement. Soros doesn’t mince words when it comes to talking about Donald Trump. Soros thinks Trump is a fake, a con man, and he will fail.

George Soros is one of the economic heavyweights that attends the Davos Summit every year. This year was no exception. Soros was in Switzerland right before Trump’s inauguration, and he was his usual pensive self. Several news agencies wanted to get his thoughts on the election once again. They wanted to know what he thought would happen in the United States now that Trump had some real power. Soros is not afraid to label Donald Trump On Forbes, and that label is not the Brooks Brothers kind. According to Soros, Trump is an imposter and a would-be dictator.

It’s not a secret that Soros donated more than $10 million to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. He donated another $10 million to other Democratic candidate’s any many of those candidates lost as well. But Soros is not speaking out because Clinton lost. And, he’s not speaking out because he lost more money in the market when Trump won. Soros is speaking out because he believes Trump’s ideas contradict the meaning of a Democracy and an open society.

The battle to expose Trump for being the snake-oil salesman he is started long before the election, according to an article published by George Soros had a meeting in Washington in January 2017 with other Democratic donors, and they formed a plan to checkmate Trump over the next four years.

But the Soros comments at the Davos Summit had more substance. George believes Trump’s cabinet choices say a lot about the chaos that revolves around the real estate mogul on Trump picked three chiefs of staff instead of one, and there is bound to be infighting. The president’s position on trade is contradictory, according to Soros. Starting a trade war with China will hurt the economy, not help it. Trump’s form of government is like a Mafioso state or a dictatorship. Trump’s bashing of China will make the red state look more respectable in the eyes of the international community, according to the billionaire.

In terms of investments, George Soros thinks the uncertainty that follows Trump around will have a negative impact on the stock market. He thinks the recent stock market rally is short-lived. In his opinion, the stock market is going to have a rough year.

There are mixed opinions about Trump’s ability to bring the country together. There is nothing in the Trump playbook that will unify the country, according to Soros. Soros had other things to say at Davos. He believes Britain has a tough economic road ahead, and Prime Minister May is not going to be around very long. And the European Union has several hurdles to overcome, according to Soros.

No one knows what will happen over the next four years, but Soros is convinced the world is in for some unbelievable economic and social events, thanks to Mr. Trump.

The Success of Sam Boraie

Sam Boraie is a businessman in real estate. He serves as the vice president at Boraie Development. He is one of the key leaders in the real estate company and is also its founder. Sam worked in the family business for several years and is always focused on looking for new development targets. Some of the key leaders in Boraie Development are Sam’s younger sister and older brother. Sam Boraie is the son of an Egyptian-born real estate developer, Omar Boraie. Sam dedicates a significant amount of time in the family business. Sam takes part in several charitable organizations apart from his role in Boraie Development.

Sam is a member of the Board of Trustee in the State Theatre of New Jersey. The State Theatre serves as a local cultural phenomenon that displays certain productions every year in New Brunswick and all over New Jersey. It greatly relies on charitable donations and the majority of it comes from either the Boraie family, Sam Boraie, or Boraie Development. According to NJ Biz,Sam Boraie is also involved in another charitable organization known as Elijah’s Promise which aims to break the poverty cycle in communities in the entire New Jersey. The top goal of Elijah’s Promise is to provide healthy and safe foods, end hunger, empower people to acquire and maintain employment and to create businesses that promote social benefits.

Sam Boraie is a member of the Board of Directors at Elijah’s Promise. Patch reveals that he is highly involved in the organization’s planning of future objectives. Sam has been able to earn a reputation as one of the most creative real estate executives. Sam has played an important part in the revitalization of the property market in New Brunswick for over 20 years. Sam is the head of Boraie Development’s business development division. The company has been able to register massive growth under his leadership.

Sam has been able to make many sales in real estate projects due to Sam’s exceptional marketing skills. The Boraie Development provided a broad range of services in all areas of urban real estate market. This includes the development of real estate, sales, marketing, and property management.

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Gold for Troy McQuagge in CEO of the Year from One Planet

It was quite obvious for Troy McQuagge, the President and CEO USHEALTH Group, Inc. to get the CEO of the Year Award (Gold) from One Planet this time. Hence, Both Troy and his colleagues were quite happy with the announcement by One Planet at a press release in Texas on January 10, 2017. Now Troy has one more award on his portfolio that includes many other awards from the past for his exceptional professional achievements.



Troy has been working with USHEALTH Group, Inc. as its CEO, President and a member of its Board of Directors since 2014. Under his leadership, the group has managed to secure extraordinary success in terms of profit and growth in the health insurance industry over last three years. Now it is considered as one of the top companies that provide affordable healthcare solutions in the United States, and Troy was the key contributor behind this. This is why; his name was nominated for this prestigious award.



Before joining USHEALTH Group, Inc., Troy also served as the President and CEO of USHEALTH Advisors from 2010. In this position, he achieved record-breaking success for this group by bringing in new and revolutionary solutions in the Under 65 Health Insurance Industry and transforming this group into the largest one in this segment. Prior to this, he served at HealthMarket as the President Agency Marketing Group from September 1996 to March 2008. Over that 11 years’ period, he provided strategic direction to that group and ensured operational excellence. In combination, Troy has around 30 years of experience in sales and insurance industry which makes him one the prominent executives in the country. He attended the University of Central Florida to complete his Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies and has been awarded numerous awards for his professional achievements in past such as 2016 Most Innovative CEO of the Year (Gold Award) from CEO World Awards and much more.



Troy was quite applauded by fellow executives and his colleagues for his exceptional expertise and excellent achievements. This is why; his name was nominated for this award last year with high hopes. This year, Troy had to compete with hundreds of executives from different sectors with excellent achievements in the country and abroad. Once the news was announced, everyone from USHEALTH Group, Inc. including was excited about this. However, Troy was quite modest on such an achievement, and he mentioned to the media that this award actually belonged to his colleagues at USHEALTH Group, Inc. Troy also added that this award is a testament to their hard work and passion to better serve their clients. Troy also informed the media this motivate him and USHEALTH Group to develop even more affordable healthcare solutions for the market in coming days.



Jeffry Schneider continues to conquer alternative investment market

Jeffry Schneider is a prominent alternative investment specialist and the founder of Ascendant Capital LLC. This is one of the largest and leading investment firms in Austin which caters to the exclusive alternative investment arena. This firm works with a massive network of Private Banks, Brokers, Fund Managers and private funds to locate exclusive funds and develops intuitive investment solutions for investors. The firm also provides tailored marketing, sales, and educational solutions to help their investors in maximizing their return on their investment within the shortest possible time as possible. This firm was founded by Jeffry in March 2012, and within a short period of time it has raised more than $1 billion fund.



At present, Ascendant Capital is considered as the top investment firms that operate with more than 250 investment advisors, 50 brokers and hundreds of family offices. They have a team of highly experienced and qualified investment experts who work around the clock to work with investors from different parts of the world. Thanks to its robust culture and business approach, the firm has developed a strong network of investors, advisors, brokers and financial institutions that have placed the organization in a highly-reputed position.



There are around 30 employees in Ascendant Capital LLC. Who highly appreciate the culture of this organization. While most of other firms keep their clients in the dark, Ascendant Capital strongly advocates for open communication between the clients and team members to foster teamwork, trust, and excellence. Thanks to such a culture, the firm has secured unprecedented success over the years and it still going strong with a target of raising $50 million fund on a monthly basis.



Jeffry Schneider played a key vital role behind the success of this firm. He is the one who first to realize the gap in this lucrative market of alternative investment and identified that there are hundreds of unused and available funds in the market. With a strong instinct to capitalize those idle fund, he has been working passionately to make a positive impact on the alternative investment market. Prior to starting Ascendant Capital LLC. Jeffry worked numerous other investment firm that he founded from scratch. He founded Axiom Capital Management in March 2002 and Paradigm Global Advisors in May 2004 as well as Alternative Investments in January 2006. Before starting his entrepreneurship career, he also worked with some of the biggest investment firms such as Merrill Lynch, Alex Brown, and Smith Barney.



In personal life, Jeffry loves to stay fit and follow a healthy lifestyle. He has participated in some sports events such as Marathon and traveled extensively. As a philanthropist in heart, he is also involved with some voluntary organizations such as Gazelle Foundation and many more.



How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Succeed in Life and Business

Josh Verne is one o he United States-based serial entrepreneurs and business people who have a higher reputation that precedes them. According to the Forbes Magazine, Josh Verne he is one of the individuals who has managed to screw their ways in business truly and successfully created more than 30 companies in the country. For this reason, they have worked through to get a better way in business more than any other person. Josh Verne has more than 20 years of professional experience in the world of finance and business management. For this reason, he has developed many ways through which a young person can get away from the rest and succeed in life and business.


Josh Verne is also the current leader of According to him, business is what makes people want to work harder in lie and business. For this reason, he has developed numerous ways in which he can get out and succeed in his endeavour as a business person in all entities. Let’s have a look at the key point.


  1. Listen more, speak less

This is one of the most profound points of all. A human being has one mouth and two ears. For this reason, use these organs according to their proportion. When you listen twice, you have the capability to speak once. With this action, your words will be filled with priority and advanced scalability in all matters concerning reason and situation. Your words will be filled with action and valour in all scales o justice and solution.

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