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Hussain Sajwani: The Brains behind the Success of DAMAC Properties

Hussain Sajwani is an entrepreneur, real estate developer, and a philanthropist. He is the founder and serves as the Chairman of DAMAC Properties, which is a global property development company.

He attended the University of Washington where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1981in the field of Economics and Industrial Engineering. He was among the first to achieve the government scholarships to study abroad. Read more: Meet Our Board | Damac

His first employment role was working as a Contracts Manager at Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Limited. A year later, he started his catering business which thrived under his leadership. In 2002, his life changed as he identified a market opportunity in real estate. This lead to the formation of DAMAC Properties which has become one of the leaders of the real estate development in the region.

DAMAC Properties has an impressive track record of developing luxury apartments boasting of a portfolio of over 17,000 completed houses with another 40,000 units to be delivered in the future. DAMAC Properties has also collaborated with other recognizable fashion brands in developing some of its projects.

The most famous collaborations are with Versace and Fendi which took care of the interior of some of the luxury apartments. DAMAC Properties has also collaborated with Bugatti which took the role of styling luxury villas and Paramount Hotels & Resorts. Another partnership that is proving to be profitable is with The Trump Organization which will manage the Tiger Woods golf course.

The Trump International Golf Club has been considered a success with over $2 billion in sales of the luxury villas. This is the most successful venture that Sajwani and Trump have undertaken. DAMAC Properties made revenue of $2.3 billion as gross profit with an estimated $1.2 billion as net profit in 2015.

DAMAC Properties is part of DAMAC Group which is a publicly listed company. The company deals in real estate, especially luxury villas, and apartments. DAMAC Properties has also engaged in hotels and other social and leisure resorts, such as the Tiger Woods Golf Course. Learn more about DAMAC Owner:

The company was formed in 2002, the company has consolidated itself in the market and managed to undertake more lucrative deals in the regions. Recently, it has been eyeing to develop properties in other parts with its primary focus in London. The company has over 2,000 employees, and its headquarters located in Dubai, in the UAE.

Hussain Sajwani is also a philanthropist. He likes to contribute to noble causes and giving back to the society. He has always encouraged young people to engage in innovations to curve their careers actively.

The CEO of Securus, Rick Smith, Talks about the Future of Prison Communications

Securus Technologies is a major provider of communication technologies for the criminal justice system. The company recently discussed the important role they are playing to keep prisoners in touch with their families. They also talked about the important role they are playing in helping to keep society safe.

What the Future Will Look Like

The future of prison communication will have aspects such as more ease in use of all products, increased penetration of tablet and smart devices, more use of video calling, reduced recidivism rates, lower pricing for inmates, more products for inmates, and much more.

According to Rick smith, the future of prison communication will mirror what has been happening in society over the last decade. According to Rick Smith, Securus is going to use the products they have and develop more products to achieve the future goals. The aim of the new products will be to help solve crimes, prevent crimes, and save lives. At one time, Rick Smith has compared what they do to being better than what doctors do.

What Inmates can expect In Future When they enter a Prison or Jail

In future, when an inmate is taken to a jail or prison, they can either use Securus devices or bring their devices with them. However, communications will only take place with approved individuals. Communications will be possible with text, email, video, or voice calls. Besides that, instant funding for their accounts will be quite easy. Besides that, the CEO foresees a future where inmates will have access to databases that allow them to access songs, books, legal resources, and medical attention. Rick Smith added that Securus was quite close to providing all of these products to inmates.

According to the CEO, by letting inmates use their devices for prison communications, it allows them to access important numbers on their phones. The result is that booking and bailing periods can be significantly shortened. With Securus doing the necessary monitoring and recording, the public should be quite secure.

By encouraging the use of personal devices by inmates, it will stimulate usage that includes access to databases that allow inmates to access video, audio, law libraries, forms, religious texts, visitation schedules, health care resources and more much faster and more safely. According to Rick, although the company can deliver those products today, they want to lower prices going into the future. Read more on

About Securus Technologies

The company, which has its headquarter in Dallas, Texas, serves over 3,450 law enforcement, public safety, and correctional agencies country wide. Over 1.2 million inmates in North America access the company’s communication solutions. The services offered by the company have been lauded by law enforcement and prosecutors alike for helping solve otherwise unsolvable cases.

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