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The story of Anthony G. Petrello

Anthony G. Petrello is among the executive roster in Nabors Industries, as he is currently serving as the chairman, president and the CEO of the company. The Nabors Industries is an oil drilling and oilfield service firm. With approximately 500 rigs in 25 countries in various parts of the world, Nabors prides on having the world’s largest area of land-based drilling rigs. Mr. Petrello also serves as a director of Stewart & Stevenson LLC as well as Hilcorp Energy Company.

As for Petrello, before he landed on the company’s board of directors, he was previously working for Baker & McKenzie law firm. In the law firm, he specialized in corporate taxes, and his expertise was evident in how he conducted his work as a managing partner of the law firm.

In 1991, Petrello became Nabors’ president and chief operating officer. By the year 2011, Petrello was managing the firm; he was very rich and getting richer. When Anthony G. Petrello became the CEO of Nabors, the share price has risen to approximately 180%, which is a good thing.

Mr. Petrello is a holder of B.S. and M.S. degrees in Mathematics from the University of Yale and also holds a J.D. degree from Harvard Law School where he fulfilled interest in social sciences. Anthony Petrello was a mathematics genius right from his childhood life. he was able to tackle mathematical problems that only specialized professionals such a physician would attempt. It is for this reason that he was spotted by lecturers from the Yale University who offered him a full scholarship to go study at their institution. Tony is married to his college girlfriend, Cynthia Carrafa, who is an actress and producer, and started a family. In the late 1990s, Petrello and his wife had a daughter named Carena. At birth, Carena weighed 20 ounces, developing cerebral palsy. Then she was not able to eat solid foods until she was approximately 7 years old.

It is as well important to note that Tony has done a lot in giving back to the society, together with his wife Tony became active in charity, donating 7 million dollars at Texas Children’s Hospital to fund a neurological research. Particularly Anthony G. Petrello has worked a lot in helping children with neurological disorders, who their parents cannot afford proper medication. For sure, Mr. Petrello is a man to admire and emulate.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Modernized Bradeso’s Business Approach

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has been successful in influencing Brazilian business executives all over the country. Part of the reason for his level of influence is due to his position as CEO at Bradesco. Bradesco is a famous Brazilian private bank with several agencies with multiple agencies all over Brazil. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is to credit for Bradesco’s success in being able to tie down very large credit operations and also a number of sizeable financial projects that are still in progress throughout Brazil.

Bradesco has attained benefits from the financial market due to Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s role in Bradesco’s business affairs since his influence over the market tends to set the country’s most important businessmen and some important political leaders in a similar economical mindset. Cappi’s pronouncements to the media usually show ripples on the surfaces of newspapers and significant financial magazines.

At one point, Bradesco held the title for the largest bank in Brazil, but eventually, it fell to second place when the Itaú-Unibanco merger happened. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi understood that struggling to become the largest Brazilian bank in and of itself presented no financial advantages, so Cappi decided to focus on other ways of improving financial results. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi devised a strategy for Bradesco which made it possible for it to provide better services at the existing and future agencies, which proved to produce better financial results. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is a very important economic figure and is frequently featured in the general media in articles and stories that involve the Brazilian financial market.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was chosen as a planned replacement for Márcio Cypriano’s who was president of Bradesco. Since Bradesco has an internal rule that prohibits the president to be a president past age 65. Cappi was the fourth president of Bradesco since in 1943, the first Bradesco bank agency with Amador Aguiar as the founder of Bradesco as the first president. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi worked for Bradesco a bit over 40 years before he was established as Bradesco’s fourth president, so Cappi had built good knowledge concerning which strategies would work best for the bank and which strategies might not work at all. Soon after Cappi turned 47, he accepted the invitation to become Bradesco’s vice-president. Before Cappi the position of vice-president, he led Bradesco’s private retirement funds as well as the marketing area. While Cappi led Bradesco’s Insurance branch, which is Bradesco Seguros, it was his results with Bradesco Seguros that identified Cappi’s leadership potential when he was able to increase Bradesco’s Insurance market share to 25% of the market, which is quite an improvement since when Cappi took over Bradesco Seguros, it was only 23% percent of the insurance market. Bradesco Seguros increased Bradesco’s income percentage from 26% to 35% during Cappi’s leadership.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was born in Marilia, which is the same Brazilian city where Amador Aguiar, the founder of Bradesco is from. Cappi has fathered 3 children with his wife, whom he is married to. Cappi is most famous for his sense of humor as well as his frequently photographed smile. Cappi is not like most bankers because he did not earn a degree in Accounting, Business Administration, Economy, or even Engineering. Cappi holds a degree in Philosophy from USP (Universidade de São Paulo) as well as his Social Psychology degree from the School of Sociology and Politics of São Paulo (Escola de Sociologia e Política de São Paulo).

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was able to make Bradesco become a modern concept bank. Bradesco’s modernization process started to take place in mid-1980. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi transformed Bradesco’s previously negative relationship with the media to a positive one. Cappi also established Bradesco Prime, which is destined to sere the VIP market.

The Tremendous growth of Fabletics in the Fashion Industry

Fabletics is a successful brand that has specialized in offering top-notch athleisure wear products. The firm joined the industry in 2013, and it has attracted a significant number of customers. To date, Fabletics has earned over $235 million from selling its commodities to clients across the United States. The marketing officer of TechStyle, which is the mother company of Fabletics, believes that the firm has made significant accomplishments in the sector because it fulfills the need the consumers. Kate Hudson and other co-founders of the brand have been utilizing clients’ reviews in developing products and strategies that can increase its productivity. People in most regions of the planet have easy access to the internet, and therefore, they look for information about products online before purchasing them. Consumers of most commodities depend on crowd sourced reviews since they offer real information about a product.


Most leading brands in different the markets have a consumer reviews section on their websites. The remarks give them an advantage since they provide the customers real information about various products that they sell. Enterprises that earn positive comments are likely to have many loyal clients. The opinions of the public on the goods and services of a particular company have a great impact on its profitability. Businesses that are reviewed positively are rated well by Google, and therefore, they appear on the first page when searched. Studies indicate that reviews and ratings have a significant influence on the purchase decision of an individual.


Fabletics has been striving to ensure that over 85 percent of the people who acquire its products are return customers. The company has been getting the rest of its clients from referrals. Businesses that have healthy relationships with the consumers are likely to experience tremendous growth. Research indicates that the number of people who use review websites has significantly increased in the past few years. More people want to be informed about products before they acquire them and also give their opinion after experiencing them. Fabletics has been using online reviews to know the designs and textures that are preferred by its customers.


Kate Hudson has been taking part in most business related issues of Fabletics. She is also the face of the athleisure wear company. She is an administrator at the company and greatly participates in the development of its strategies. Hudson also assists the firm’s designers in coming up with excellent products that can suit different markets. She monitors Fabletics’ sales every day to know the products that are loved by most of its customers and those that need to be replaced.


The company runs a subscription service that currently has more than one million people from across the country. Kate has been striving to maintain robust relationships with customers. Fabletics delivers products and newsletters to the addresses of its clients every month. It also ensures that the clients receive outstanding after sales services. Besides its success in the e-commerce sector, the fashion company has established over 30 brick-and-mortar stores, and it intends to increase the number.

How OSI Group Has Taken The Food Processing Industry By Storm!

As far as food processing companies go, there is little to no competition for the OSI Group. This multi-million dollar company has been around for over a century. Founded by Otto Kolschowsky in Illinois, Chicago, the company still remains in the same state under the leadership of David McDonald.

The company started gaining momentum around the half of the 20th century, when it partnered up with McDonald’s fast foods. They were selected to be the main supplier of the hamburger meat, and this lunched their business into the heights nobody anticipated. A few decades after the partnership was established, the company was operating overseas, with facilities in Germany, Brazil, Spain, and many more.

The latest expansion of the business involves a large facility that has been acquired in China. The president of the company maintains a strong vision that is dedicated to sustainability. Thus, the location in China is going to be one of the OSI Group’s largest raw materials and processing manufacturers.

Besides purchasing operational facilities, the company also has a history of acquiring other food processing groups. This includes buying a Dutch business Baho Foods, which will help the company further establish their presence in the Europe continent.

Thanks to the dedication with which this business operates, customer satisfaction has never been a problem. To prove how above and beyond they are ready to go, the company implemented some high technology products that work on the same principles as X-Ray machines. These are used to scan all of their products before releasing them to the public, thus ensuring that only inequality-free items are sold.

By continuously growing, OSI Group has hit a milestone of having over 60 facilities around the world. They even purchased some of the previous plants that companies such as Tyson Food had to shut down at one point or another. Nowadays they operate in almost 20 countries, and they show no intention of slowing down. OSI Group’s largest plant in China is where the President David McDonald takes logistics to the next level. In a few years, this market might end up being completely taken by this giant!

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