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A Reality Check of the American Institute of Architects for Future Needs

Architecture is a profession that needs real talent, and in the recent years, diverse thinking capacity plays a prominent role in coming up with innovative ideas. Due to that reason, the talents in the industry are always open to new ideas and modest way of thinking to take the design thoughts to the next level. New trends and the shaping of the industry is one of hottest subjects of discussion across the world. Reason for this is the aspiration for people to get new concepts of construction and address some of the existing key issues in a better way. It is always the best choice to listen to it from the American Institute of Architects as it is the premier association of architects in the United States and leading new trends across the world. Read more about AIA at Wikipedia.

As the Chief Executive of the premier association, Robert Ivy leads all the changes and trends in the industry in the recent years. He and his team share a deep vision of architecture as a solution provider to many of the existing issues of common people. Among them, the most important target is none other improving the public health. Ivy is a long-term proponent of ideas and designs that are solving issues pertaining to public health and encourages the architects to come up with novel ideas that can ensure desired results in public health, especially in the urban areas.

According to Robert Ivy, the design was the heart of public health, and it was highly visible in the history of the country as well. He notes that the Central Park in NYC is an ideal example of this as the park significantly improved the health of the common people in the area through fresh air, space for physical activities such as walking, cycling, and more, space for people to connect and converse each other, and more. Ivy notes that the new-era architects are highly fascinated towards the concept of architecture that is reflecting the needs of the public. He says that they are socially engaged and credited with diverse thinking that can help the mass population.

Robert Ivy continues that the AIA follows a mantra of promoting, safety, health, and welfare of the inhabitants. He continues that in the recent years, welfare has been replaced by well-being, and it better represents the mantra of the current day needs. While coming to the well-being, Ivy points out that it is not only about physical but about psychic as well as spiritual conditions as well. He states that all these things are interlinked and contributes to the well-being of the person who is living in the structure. In that sense, a right architecture design that provides this casts its effect in a more powerful way to the lives.

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The Professional body; American Institute of Architects

Aiming at offering solutions in designing and redesigning of structures, the American Institute of Architects makes sure that its members upholds its quality values at all times. The institute is responsible in making sure that designs or redesigns of buildings are done in a professional manner by its member architects. Read more at to know more about AIA.

The institution is focused on creating more organized buildings that allows smooth movement. It aims at helping in better access to buildings where people, vehicles and those using mobility aids do not collide but instead have clear entrance and exiting areas and also in designing safe emergency exits.

Having being formed as a small group with less than 20 members, the body has grown to own a membership of about 90,000 members. For the institution to be more effective, it has divided the membership options to different categories. These categories make sure that each member contributes to the body’s purpose.

In its able leadership led by its CEO and vice president Robert Ivy, the body is determined to conserve the environment by causing less pollution and participating in procedures that are environmental friendly. The CEO has also encouraged the professionals not only to focus on their fields of specialization, but also to work with other professionals in other fields. Learn more at Crunchbase about Robert Ivy

The Institute has won several Awards of excellence in architecture. It also recognizes its members who have contributed towards its success. The highest honor that it awards to its members is the Fellow Of American Institute of Architects (FAIA) which has been won by Robert Ivy and Thomas V. Vonier.

As a member and CEO of American Institute of Architect, Robert Ivy has been named as ‘Master of Architect’ in 2010 by Alpha Rho Chi. He has won the award of G.D Crain in 2009 in the business media. His editorial excellence and contributions are what made him get recognized as he has been able to correct the editorials into perfect and reliable materials. Robert Ivy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the University of Sewanee.

Currently, Robert Ivy is working on a project at the American Institute of Architects which aims at bringing architects and residents closer to each other. The project is supposed to make sure that the public get access to the architects and that all buildings are designed or redesigned by an architect. This will promote security of home owners and prevent collapsing of houses. Visit at  to know more about Robert Ivy

The institute is also working on designs that will enhance productivity of the dwellers. This will be achieved by offering houses that allows ease of movement. Apart from offering movement aids to persons with disabilities, the institution will focus on designing homes that will cause less energy consumption while accessing it. This will be a major contribution in architecture.

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What Paul Mampilly Told Ideamensch About His Work

Paul Mampilly is considered quite an investment guru because he’s always finding fresh ideas and usually correct in the stunning predictions he makes. He formerly worked for the big banks and hedge funds, but now he’s an independent advisor who writes for Banyan Hill to show middle class investors how to take control of their investments. Ideamensch decided to sit down with Mampilly to find out how his typical work day looked like.

For Mampilly, he says he begins quite early and is full of staying up to date with market news and watching the prices of his own stocks. What he loves about his current profession is that his research and information is such that is affordable for most regular Americans. He believes that ideas are best brought to life by thoroughly examining his recommended stocks and finding ways to make his discoveries understandable for the average person. Two things he urges investors to pay attention to are how the internet is gradually taking over just about every operation, and what millennials are buying.

Mampilly moved to the US in 1991 and attended Montclair State University. He had to work hard at a gas station and cleaning a cafeteria to support himself through school, but he always points to those jobs as having key learning experiences for him. Upon graduating from Montclair State, he went to work as a credit research assistant at Deutsche Bank, and from there moved up to assistant portfolio manager and senior portfolio manager positions at ING, Banker’s Trust, Sears and a private Swiss bank. And after that, he became a high-ranking manager for Kinetics International Fund, a firm that Mampilly helped grow AUM to $25 billion during his time there. The high annual returns he made in client investments made Kinetics International the “World’s Best Hedge Fund” according to Barron’s.

Paul Mampilly also beat the obstacles of the Great Recession in 2008 when he joined the Templeton Foundation investment competition and turned $50 million into $88 million in one year. He also found several stocks he believed would become big shortly, and those happened to include Sarepta Therapeutics, CEMEX, Netflix and Facebook. His newsletters at Banyan Hill include “Profits Unlimited,” “Extreme Fortunes” and “True Momentum.” Mampilly also writes a few free articles and posts YouTube videos on various topics, and you might see him appear occasionally on business news networks.

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Matt Badiali’s Thoughts On The Future Of Copper Business

Matt Badiali is an accomplished author who occasionally writes about various topics. He publishes articles on the “Real Wealth Strategist,” a journal that operates under Banyan Hill Publishing. Matt Badiali recently wrote about copper and how its price has improved in the market. According to Matt Badiali, the cost of copper has risen significantly since 2014.

How the price of copper is improving

In the 2016-2017 financial years, the price went up and is expected to rise even more by 2027 according to The cost of electric vehicles will shift from $ 3 million to $27 million due to the demand for the metal. It is estimated that in 2027, the need for copper will increase from 185,000 metric tons to 1.74 million metric tons. The car manufacturing industry will increase its copper usage from 1 percent to 7 percent.

Copper demand is directly proportional to oil demand. Since these two products are interconnected, the need for crude oil will increase significantly. According to numerous economists, copper is affected by economic trends on When there is an economic downturn, the price of this red metal is affected substantially. Based on Matt Badiali experience and research, investors who place their money on the copper business are likely to earn significant returns.

About Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is an editor at the Banyan Hill Publishing. He has experience in the energy, agricultural, and mining industry. Matt Badiali is a graduate of the Penn State University where he graduated with a bachelor degree in Earth Science. He has also studied geology at the Florida Atlantic University. Matt Badiali initiated his career as a consultant with an environmental company. During his tenure with this firm, he developed a passion for geology.

Matt Badiali has a vested interest in business and investments. He has conducted business around the world. His involvement with various stakeholders has taken him to numerous countries, including Iraq, Singapore, Hong Kong, Haiti, Switzerland, Turkey, and Papua New Guinea. He has interviewed chief executive officers from various companies, including oil wells land and mines. Matt Badiali has always demonstrated an interest in oil drilling. This interest has led him into venturing into oil exploration activities. According to Matt Badiali, surveying and watching drilling activities of a company tells how a business is performing. Matt Badiali has worked for other local firms, including Stansberry & Associates. Matt Badiali boasts of a network of professionals in various fields, including geology, finance, and hedge funds.

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The History of The Trabuco

The Trabuco is one of the ancient weapons that was popular among the inventories of many military units. During the invasion of an enemy, the Trabuco proved lethal and useful given its ability to demolish walls. Another use of the Trabuco was to weaken the enemy’s defence from a distance. The design of the Trabuco allows it to function like a catapult, explaining the weapons ability to hurl projectiles towards the enemy. When operated with a skilled person, the Trabuco proved to be effective during military combat.

There are two types of Trabucos; the traction Trabuco and the balancing Trabuco. The traction Trabuco was invented earlier than the balancing Trabuco. The difference in the design of these weapons is minimal as the latter version was made as an improvement of the traction Trabuco. The effectiveness of the balancing Trabuco saw the doing away with the traction Trabuco. In Brazil, Trabuco is used to describe both the shotgun and the revolver.

The design and functionality of the Trabuco are similar to that of the sling. The Trabuco, however, has a small modification to its design. There is a small piece of wood that has been incorporated into the Trabuco’s design. The purpose of the wood is to extend the weapon when being aimed while simultaneously providing an improved lever system.

The invention of the traction bolt by the Chinese additionally improved the design and capability of the Trabuco. The traction bolt gave the person operating the Trabuco the ability to pull the strings that were attached to the shorter arm of the Trabuco over a longer distance making the weapon more effective.

What ended the Trabuco’s glory days was the invention of the gunpowder. Gunpowder revolutionized the entire weaponry systems used by militaries across the world. Guns and canons were now the preferred choice; this soon made the Trabuco obsolete.

Comparing the destructive power of the canon to that of the Trabuco, it is understandable why the latter had to be replaced. The Burgos and Rhodes attack are instances the canon and Trabuco were simultaneously used. 1521 marks the last time the Trabuco was used in war

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The Generous US Money Reserve

6The United States money Reserve has been preferred by many individuals. This is because of the strategies that have been put in place for the company to prosper. The company further offers achievements to many individuals in the country. The company is the largest in the United States where it is tasked with distributing coins throughout the country.



Clients of the United States money reserve have been offered excellent services by the company. The confidence of the clients has been boosted through the forums that the company has held. The gold coins that are distributed to the clients are exceptional hence their market is upgraded. The company has won the trust of their clients through the high- quality coins that they supply to the market. Learn more:



The clients have been wise when buying the coins hence their success is attributed to their wisdom. The company’s management has a mission which it strives to fulfill every time. The team wants to be trusted always by its clients hence enabling them to attain a ready market for their products. The United States money Reserve has been instrumental to its clients by helping them make decisions. This is done regarding the choices they make about the coins.



Individuals who would like to purchase silver, gold, or platinum have a choice through the help of the company staff. The company has been successful in their undertakings since they have already build trust with their clients. The relationship that they have established too with the clients has been phenomenal. This has steered the company.



The United States money Reserve has held philanthropic activities that have been significant to many individuals. Through the partnership with a network known as the Austin Disaster Relief, 219,622 dollars has been raised. This money has been used to help the victims of the hurricane. The company is based in Texas but has managed to establish its offices in other p[arts of the United States.



The offices have been established in Houston and Beaumont. The company managed to raise the donations through a fan page that they had created. Angela Koch is the Chief Executive Officer of the company. The executive states that they were touched by the need to help the Texans since they were part of them. Angela insists that it’s the duty of the company to help the individuals since they are part of them. The company has been influential since the donations of the hurricane have managed to be raised through its platform. Learn more:



Dr. Mark McKenna’s Accomplishments as a Doctorpreneur

Magma cum laude graduate of Tulane University Medical School, Dr. Mark McKenna has gained much popularity with his excellence in delivering medical services to patients from different places. After his medical studies, he was privileged to get his license from the Georgia and Florida State Board of Medical Examiners to official practice both as a doctor and surgeon. Besides, Dr. Mark McKenna also runs a real estate investment company called McKenna Venture Investments where he offers luxurious designs, financial advisory and even a variety of services in property development.

The New Orleans successful medical doctor and renowned investor have greatly impacted the lives of many especially when the catastrophic hurricane befell his town. He was chiefly involved in ensuring the repair and construction of affordable houses for the people of New Orleans whose houses got swept away by the floods. After this, Dr. Mark McKenna moved to Atlanta where he built his medical and wellness clinic, ShapeMed. Life Time Fitness then purchased this wellness company and hired Mark McKenna as their National Medical Director. He served there for some time and then transferred to OVME where he was elected Chief Executive Officer. With OVME, he aims at delivering quality medical attention with advanced technology.

All these have enabled him to perform well in doctorpreneurship besides his workaholic qualities. Leaving work undone or unfinished is one of his weaknesses in that he commits his efforts to ensure that he doesn’t procrastinate. Besides, personal meditation and setting of reasonable goals have seasoned his steps towards achieving enormous success both as a doctor and an entrepreneur. All his life, Dr. Mark McKenna has always worked in his own organizations and business ventures and hence has mastered the art of ensuring that his businesses succeed and stand tall amidst the challenges involved.

As for personal growth, Dr. Mark McKenna has always interacted with people who are more experienced and knowledgeable than he is. This has pumped strength and willingness to perform better in his businesses. Reading books such as Think and Grow Rich and learning from societal role models such as Barack Obama have been his strongest pillars in all his endeavors.

This visionary man is living proof that success is earned even by just working for one’s self.


Securus Technologies, Safeguarding Society through Technology

When it comes to provision of criminal justice technology solutions aimed at improving public safety, monitoring, corrections and credible investigations, Securus Technologies has carved out a niche for itself. Leaving a series of technological innovations as its footprints in the industry. Securus Technologies recently opted to release a tranche of letters and emails that the company received from its esteemed customers over the past few months. Aware of their reputation in the market, the Securus Technologies CEO was upbeat of the performance his organization has achieved in the time it’s been in operation, remarking that they do and will continue to release new technology innovations to the market every week.


While redacting names of various customers, most of the correspondence were of satisfied service consumers commenting on how various pieces of technology helped them solve puzzles in their lines of work. An investigation department official for example was glad information collected from phone calls helped to nab a corrupt staff member while another was glad they had used the technology to uncover inmate facilities problems such as alcohol and drug abuse, past shootouts and civilians providing description drugs at a discount.


A contraband goods monitoring agency was glad Securus Technologies had helped him enhance the monitoring capabilities and effectiveness. While a sheriff department official was excited that Securus’ LBS technology had assisted them recover illegal assets, cash money and drugs from drug peddlers something that could otherwise have been difficult.


Securus Technologies is a major provider of jail technologies to many facilities across the North American continent. Its greatest strength lies in its innovations potential whose importance has made it a service provider of choice to many. It serves up 3500 facilities with a capacity of more than 1.2 million inmates across the continent. Its major services include biometric synthesis, investigation, information management and monitoring systems.


Airport with private Airlines-Fagali Airport

Fagali is a village located on the Upolu Island in Samoa Archipelago. The village is about 5 km south-east of Apia. The village has been growing with many developments being established in the region. The village can well be described as the electrical constituency of Vaimauga East which is the Tuamasaga District one of the largest political districts. According to a census carried out in 2006, the population of Fagali was about 1571. Fagali village has facilities including Fagali Airport and Royal Samoa Golf Course which are located at Fagali Uta and make the village attractive economically.

Fagali Airport was previously operated and owned by Polynesia Airlines. At one time the airport was a grass only airstrip, in July 2002 the airport was reopened but later shut down due to Government concerns and the residence of Fagali village. There were concerned that the airport was noisy and destructive leading to the closure of the airport. In 2009 the government reopened the airport although the opening attracted a lot of critics due to the danger it posed for the people as well as the environment. Fagali Airport resumed its operations with flights to America Samoa as well as Pago Pago. Fagali Airport hosts the operations of other airlines which include; Samoa Air, South Pacific Island Airways, Talofa Airways as well as Polynesia Airlines.

Fagali Airport has a flight charter and it also offers private jet services. Prive Jets are one of the organizations which provide jet charter and air charter services from and to Fagali. Prive jets have over 6000 aircrafts around the world and they trust that there is no jet that is too big or too small to handle. They have quality services that within few hours clients can have their flight arranged from and to Fagali Airport. At Fagali Airport private customers can book from a broad range of jets among them Gulfstream, Global Express, Challenger, Falcon, Lear, Hawker, Jumbo jet as well as Boeing Business Jet. At Fagali customers can arrange their flights at their own time and travel at their comfort time, the operations are and the bookings are 24/7.

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The Achievements of IDLife

IDLife is a company that specializes in health, nutrition and wellness. The company has served as an eye opener in the industry through its operation under the strategy that not all products and plan can effectively work for everyone. The company is known to offer customized products to all their clients since it understands that each customer has different and unique health needs. Customer satisfaction is the number one priority at IDLife. In order to purchase the nutritional products offered by IDLife, a customer must first fill an assessment test that will explain their current health. The company provides products that range from energy boosters, skin care and also vitamin programs.

IDLife was established by Logan Stout in 2014 and has ever since registered a lot of success and growth. This success and growth can be attributed to the company’s exemplary management and leadership team. The IDNutrition line of the company offers customizable products that use the collected information from its customers so as to offer them supplements and vitamins specifically selected for every person. IDLife also offers simpler products like shakes which are designed to give your body all the energy to take you throughout the day. The company also has vegan options for customers who prefer vegan products.

IDLife also offers a wide range of weight management products which is designed to curve the appetite of a client alongside with metabolism boosters which are natural. The company also offers the IDLife Hydrate which is meant to supply the body of a customer with electrolytes and enables them to stay hydrated throughout the day. Logan Stout partnered with celebrity trainer Jen Widerstrom and billionaire Darwin Deason in making IDLife a success. IDLife also works in conjunction with other fitness ambassadors as well as internationally recognized authors so as to intensify awareness when it comes to the benefits of health and wellness. The nutritional supplements offered by IDLife are of high quality and assist the clients in maintaining their wellbeing. Through the hard work and commitment of Logan Stout, IDLife was recognized as one of the World’s Top 100 Solid MLM Companies. The main mission of IDLife is to come up with high quality vitamins and supplements that will assist all people across the world in achieving an excellent wellbeing. The company has employed a team of talented staff that is experienced and has a lot of knowledge in matters concerning health and wellness.

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