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Beauty In Colors, Clean Lines, Pastels and Symmetry

Event design is really about making memories. The people who hire event designers are normally trying to created the most fabulous, enjoyable experience for all parties concerned. That said, the heat is squarely on the event designer to make those dreams come true, a daunting task indeed. Collating colors with textures and perfect contrasts are what motivate Jessica Boskoff, event planner in NYC and owner of Twenty Three Layers, a full-service event and design company located in New York City.

A quick visit to Ms. Boskoff’s website leads one to believe, should they hire her, they are going to be in for quite a treat! The gallery on her site is riddled with photos of events she has designed, and no one picture stands out, as they are all very special in their own way. The Perfect Pallete, a website dedicated to color coordinating themes for weddings, interviewed Ms. Boskoff. The idea to interview was to draw attention to her brand’s new look, and to showcase her talent. Everything Ms. Boskoff does is about layering styles, colors and treats to effect a particularly fun outcome for all parties concerned, and a quick view of her site tells just that story!

With a palette of pastels, of which aqua and blush are some of her favorites these days, Jessica Boskoff combined fun decor, very colorful desserts and vibrant pillows when designing the set for this shoot and interview. Adding life to her designs is important to her, and this normally comes in the form of flowers. In this shoot she has showcased pink peonies against a muted backdrop showcasing every nuance in this gorgeous flower. There were also delicious looking, mint-colored frosting decorated tiers of cupcakes adding just the right pop of color, and this is where Ms. Boskoff tastefully shines, merging balance and beauty in a particularly deft way.

Ultimately all of this is about Jessica’s desire to express herself. She lets all of this creativity leak into all the event design jobs she does, as well as in simple pleasures like entertaining friends and family in her home. Every opportunity to creatively express herself is fully appreciated by this talented artist. It has been said that if one loves what they do, they will never work a day in their life; Ms. Boskoff has found her way to a work-free life!

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