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George Soros Returns to Politics and Makes a Statement

The 2016 election campaign is going to one day be looked at in history classes as a great turning point in our country. The election campaign of Donald Trump was one for the history books and his fierce battle with Hillary Clinton and the rest of the establishment politicians in Washington will be studied in perpetuity. Perhaps lost in the entire ruckus was something even more important, at least to politics over the next four to eight years: the return of George Soros. Soros is a self made billionaire whose story would make for an incredible Hollywood movie. He is viciously against everything that President Trump stands for and was so inspired by his disdain for the man that he returned to politics to oppose him.

During the election campaign Donald Trump used hateful rhetoric that was anti-immigrant, anti-democracy, and anti-progress and George Soros couldn’t idly sit by. Soros had last been a major player in mainstream politics back in 2004 when he worked alongside Al Gore to try and get him elected in a fierce battle against George W Bush. While Soros and Gore notably failed, despite the controversy surrounding the election, Soros had cemented himself as a major player in progressive politics. Democrats finally had their own billionaire mega philanthropist to help combat the perpetual money machine that Republicans have utilized for generations. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

Michael Vachon, a political adviser to George Soros, told reporters that Soros returned to the political fray due to how high the stakes were growing. Vachon pointed to Trump’s dangerous policies as one of the driving forces but noted that hostilities between the right wing and left wing were already at an all time high, even without Trump stirring things up in the middle. Still, it is hard to ignore the fact that Trump’s rhetoric was a big reason that Soros returned to the campaign trail. Know more on about George Soros.

When Soros jumped back into the election process he immediately put his money where his beliefs were. George Soros would donate close to $25 million to progressive politicians up and down the ticket, including $7 million to a PAC that was Pro-Clinton. Soros donated to notable PACs that supported voting rights for immigrants, he donated to opposition research PACs, and he donated in support of Clinton just as much. Soros was notably impressed with Hillary Clinton because he felt that she had an open door to progressives and would answer the phone if they called with a question or suggestion. Soros also reached out to End Citizens United in order to donate as well.

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With George Soros back in the fray progressives have a silver lining to the election of Donald Trump. Soros is going to do everything in his sizable power to keep progress on the table in the United States.

A Gift For Trouble, At A Terrible Personal Price

If you would never work a day again in your life, work on something you’re passionate about. It’s a stock piece of self improvement advice, and it applies to Thor Halvorssen of the Human Rights Foundation in the extreme.

Most things about Halvorssen are extreme. A man of dual Venezualan and Norwegian heritage, Halvorssen is the antithesis of the typical human rights hashtag hero. Where they stay in countries where they’re safe, and build up hashtag campaigns trying to build awareness and sympathy, Thor Halvorssen goes out into the world, and fights directly. He’s been beaten by secret police; he’s gone into countries where only his high profile would keep him from being “vanished” like the people he’s trying to help.

He doesn’t just tell sob stories about the dissidents and the political prisoners, he arranges media events — like the Oslo Freedom Forum — and gives those dissidents the spotlight. In his own words “People who’ve been through this, people who’ve lost family members, years of their lives, their health, their wealth and even their limbs, are far more eloquent than I am.”

Halvorssen comes by this passion honestly. It’s more than just abstraction to him, it’s personal. His grandfather punched Nazis to give Norwegian shipping a safe harbor in Venezuala during World War II. His father, appointed to a government position in that same country to clean up the drug trade, was jailed for 74 days on trumped up corruption accusations, made by a man who later recanted and told how he was tortured for his confession. His grandmother, from an old Venezualan family, was shot and killed by Hugo Chavez’ thugs in a rally, his mother was shot and wounded in the same rally. His cousin Lopez has been in a Venezualan prison for over a year, with food smuggled in by his family, because the prison won’t feed him.

Halvorssen, bluntly, has no patience for people who come in, get glad-handed by dictators and then go home to the triumphal procession. He’d rather spend his time sneaking into contact with a prisoner and getting an exclusive interview, or making gestures that offend dictators, or even bouncing around schemes to send USB drives loaded with ‘forbidden’ material over the North Korean border by balloon drop.

Halvorssen is a man of action, and he’s ecumenical in his willingness to take help. He takes money from right wing and left wing advocacy groups, and he focuses his work not on the safe topics, like Guantanamo Bay, but on the harder ones, like the nature of African dictatorships, Russian treatment of dissidents like Pussy Riot; Garry Kasparov works with the Human Rights Foundation, as do other high profile people in the community. Halvorssen has a knack for theatricality and production values; like most good producers and directors, he’d rather direct the spotlight on the people delivering the message, even when it’s not himself. This has garnered him donations from high level philanthropists, such as Sergey Brin of Google.

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