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Michael Zomber Offers New Insight Into Japanese Culture

The western world is obsessed with Japanese culture. From Kung Fu movies to Anime, Japanese culture has a profound impact on our entertainment media. Because of this Japanese influence, people that are knowledgeable about Japanese history are extremely valuable. Michael Zomber is a leading expert on Japanese culture and his work is changing the way people perceive Japanese history.

Michael was born in Washington, D.C. As a child, he loved books and in high school, he excelled at analysing literary texts. He was a great student, and he earned a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from UCLA, followed by a Master’s in Literature from UCLA. This love of literature would eventually lead him to write books for a living.

While Michael received degrees in English literature, he felt a certain connection to Eastern cultures. He collected antique arms and armor from Japan and he loved researching the history of the Japanese people. When Michael began writing novels, Japan was a natural choice for the setting. Shogun Iemitsu is one great novel from Michael Zomber. This novel follows two young samurais on a fantastic journey. Throughout this journey, readers learn more about Japanese history and weaponry. Michael has also deeply investigated Japanese spirituality. Jesus and the Samurai thoroughly explore Japanese spirituality and moral codes by comparing it to Christian beliefs. If you are curious about Japanese moral codes, then you must check out this book. Michaels published works offer great insight into Japanese society while still offering great entertainment.

While Michael Zomber has published several novels, he has other passion projects. He wants to make information about Samurai readily available, so he helped produce a documentary film. Soul of the Samurai is an outstanding documentary film that incorporates authentic Japanese artwork and weaponry. This film gives great insight into the thought process of the samurai warriors. The film also features interviews with renowned samurai sword experts. The samurai sword was truly a fantastic weapon and Zomber gives key insight into this weapon. If you want to learn more about samurai swords, then you must watch this film.

His books offer an intimate look at Samurai culture and spirituality, while his film gives more information on samurai swords. Those that love Japanese culture must explore Zomber’s work, he can be followed on Facebook.

Ricardo Guimarães: LinkedIn Grows as Powerful Recruitment Tool


Business networking site, “LinkedIn”, is becoming a popular tool in the global business world. According to Brazilian BMG Bank executive Ricardo Guimaraes, the sites rapidly growing user base is proof of this. The business network allows active professionals to form new connections with important people in their industry. In addition to locating new employment opportunities, LinkedIn users can keep up to date with the latest developments in their industry.

LinkedIn is used by companies for the purpose of recruiting business professionals who are seeking to make a career change. “Exame” magazine conducted a review of the business social networking site to uncover the type of skills that were most sought after by companies in 2015, highlights BMG Bank executive Ricardo Guimaraes.

In their analysis, in demand skills were identified through keywords used by recruiters to search for job candidates during 2015. Nine countries were included in the review. As a result of the review, a list of 25 skills were highlighted. In Brazil, data analysis and data mining were the most searched. This skills set was also popular among data compiled from each of the countries combined, reports BMG Bank executive Ricardo Guimarães.

Below is the the list of the most searched competencies by Brazilian companies which are noteworthy. Ricardo Guimarães has provided the list in its entirety.

The 25 skills that were most sought by Brazilian organizations in 2015:
1. Statistical data mining
2. Mobile application development
3. Quality Assurance
4. Logistics
5. Web development frameworks
6. Integration software
7. Data storage
8. Information security
9. Human resources
10. Business law
11. Workplace safety
12. User design interfaces
13. Microsoft application development
14. Business intelligence
15. System Review
16. Recruiting
17. international relations
18. Materials engineering
19. Perl / Python / Ruby
20. Java
21. Business development and relationship management
22. Social marketing
23. Digital marketing
24. Software modeling
25. Shell scripting

It is important for professionals to keep their skills up to date. Business professionals should always be knowledgeable of what companies are looking for in potential employees. Professionals should always seek out new ways to enhance their knowledge and prepare themselves in both a practical and theoretical way to have the skills that many companies are seeking for in their respective industries. By doing this, job seekers can obtain a position of prominence in the job market and their opportunities for employment should rise significantly, says Ricardo Guimarães. Continually update your skills forever!

Ricardo Guimarães is chairman and president of BMG Group, which is located in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. Guimarães is a graduate of UNA.

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