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Robert Manaira Shopping Mall: A Place of Fun and Leisure

From a distance, the Manaira Shopping Mall looks like the normal malls, but take a closer look, and you will get a different view. The mall is filled with fun activities for the whole family.

The mall is owned by Robert Santiago. His main motivation for developing the mall was to offer an alternative to fun and leisure. It took two years for the Mall to be completed and it is the largest shopping center in Paraiba State in Brazil.

Fun and entertainment is what the mall offers. It includes an electronically powered amusement park that has a game station that has over 200 machines dedicated to games only. There is a movie theater that includes state-of-the-art sound and entertainment systems. They have been designed with a popcorn stand and bar that offers different types of drinks. The bowling alley is also electronic and provides the perfect opportunity for fun. Still, on entertainment, the mall offers different recreational areas including gyms.

The mall has been designed with a gourmet space that houses steak and hamburger houses. That is not all; the mall has a food court that offers different cuisines for your enjoyment.

Many great improvements have been made in the mall. In 2007, Robert Santiago designed the Domus Hall at the rooftop of the mall. This was designed to be a concert hall to provide support for the different talents in the area. The concert hall became the largest hall in Joao Pessoa in Brazil. The hall has been designed with a different design from what you are used to. It houses two floors with different features. The ground floor has a huge space that can be used for different occasions like birthdays, graduation, weddings and anniversaries.

The second floor has been designed with a private cabin and lounge music. They have also included dressing rooms that can be accessed by at least ten people.

Roberto Santiago owns the Mall but before he began the construction, he owned other businesses. He owned a Company that focused on decorative objects. He has also invested in a cartonnage company.

He holds Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from the University Centre of Joao Pessoa. He has also attended the Marist College Pio X. He has developed a passion for sports and has participated and won trophies in different motocross and also Kart Championships.

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Luciana Lossio’s Growing Career

Her Education Background

Luciana attained her law degree in the year 1999 from the University Center of Brasilia (UniCeB). Her great dedication and efforts to her studies earned her an approval and got into the Bar Association of Brazil when it got listed in the Federal District. Luciana also has studied three postgraduate courses and completed them. The three course were Civil Procedure, Law, and her third is her most recent one called Legal order and Prosecution.


Luciana’s life as a lawyer

Luciana is a member of the Brazilian Institute of Electoral Law. When working as a lawyer, she would get very prominent clients such as governors and senior members of the executive branch. Luciana made history in 2011 for being the first woman to be a Substitute Minister of the Superior Electro Court. She had also dedicated her life’s work to helping women and had made several achievements.

Luciana also worked at the Attorney General’s Office for seven years where she greatly interacted with the two former renowned prosecutors in Brazil; Claudio Fonteles and Geraldo Brindeiro. Luciana’s incumbency at the PGR led to much interaction with TSE and TSF. During those interactions, Luciana would advise them accordingly on how to go about their processes. She demonstrated great perfection in her work even when handling tough cases in court. Her hard work and commitment to the judicial institution made her the Minister of the Supreme Electoral Court. Following her great expertise in law, she has recently has been appointed as the Minister of the TSE.

Her Interests

Luciana is unique because she enjoys equestrianism. She has loved it six she was young. What amuses people is her great dedication to her professional career work and also the sport. Her consistent efforts in equestrianism won her a Brazilian Champion Amateur Jump title and also emerged first in the Society Hipica Brasilia competition. She made an astonishing win at the mare Nikita while jumping over obstacles which were more than 1.2 meters tall. In the race, Luciana beat 40 riders of both men and women.
The great support from her Father on the tracks always propelled her success in winning races. She got so good that she represented Brazil in equestrian competitions both nationally and abroad.

Luciana Lossio has portrayed a good image in her work, both equestrianism, and law. Her experience is surely going to strengthen the Brazilian Law institutions.

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