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The History of The Trabuco

The Trabuco is one of the ancient weapons that was popular among the inventories of many military units. During the invasion of an enemy, the Trabuco proved lethal and useful given its ability to demolish walls. Another use of the Trabuco was to weaken the enemy’s defence from a distance. The design of the Trabuco allows it to function like a catapult, explaining the weapons ability to hurl projectiles towards the enemy. When operated with a skilled person, the Trabuco proved to be effective during military combat.

There are two types of Trabucos; the traction Trabuco and the balancing Trabuco. The traction Trabuco was invented earlier than the balancing Trabuco. The difference in the design of these weapons is minimal as the latter version was made as an improvement of the traction Trabuco. The effectiveness of the balancing Trabuco saw the doing away with the traction Trabuco. In Brazil, Trabuco is used to describe both the shotgun and the revolver.

The design and functionality of the Trabuco are similar to that of the sling. The Trabuco, however, has a small modification to its design. There is a small piece of wood that has been incorporated into the Trabuco’s design. The purpose of the wood is to extend the weapon when being aimed while simultaneously providing an improved lever system.

The invention of the traction bolt by the Chinese additionally improved the design and capability of the Trabuco. The traction bolt gave the person operating the Trabuco the ability to pull the strings that were attached to the shorter arm of the Trabuco over a longer distance making the weapon more effective.

What ended the Trabuco’s glory days was the invention of the gunpowder. Gunpowder revolutionized the entire weaponry systems used by militaries across the world. Guns and canons were now the preferred choice; this soon made the Trabuco obsolete.

Comparing the destructive power of the canon to that of the Trabuco, it is understandable why the latter had to be replaced. The Burgos and Rhodes attack are instances the canon and Trabuco were simultaneously used. 1521 marks the last time the Trabuco was used in war

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