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The story of Anthony G. Petrello

Anthony G. Petrello is among the executive roster in Nabors Industries, as he is currently serving as the chairman, president and the CEO of the company. The Nabors Industries is an oil drilling and oilfield service firm. With approximately 500 rigs in 25 countries in various parts of the world, Nabors prides on having the world’s largest area of land-based drilling rigs. Mr. Petrello also serves as a director of Stewart & Stevenson LLC as well as Hilcorp Energy Company.

As for Petrello, before he landed on the company’s board of directors, he was previously working for Baker & McKenzie law firm. In the law firm, he specialized in corporate taxes, and his expertise was evident in how he conducted his work as a managing partner of the law firm.

In 1991, Petrello became Nabors’ president and chief operating officer. By the year 2011, Petrello was managing the firm; he was very rich and getting richer. When Anthony G. Petrello became the CEO of Nabors, the share price has risen to approximately 180%, which is a good thing.

Mr. Petrello is a holder of B.S. and M.S. degrees in Mathematics from the University of Yale and also holds a J.D. degree from Harvard Law School where he fulfilled interest in social sciences. Anthony Petrello was a mathematics genius right from his childhood life. he was able to tackle mathematical problems that only specialized professionals such a physician would attempt. It is for this reason that he was spotted by lecturers from the Yale University who offered him a full scholarship to go study at their institution. Tony is married to his college girlfriend, Cynthia Carrafa, who is an actress and producer, and started a family. In the late 1990s, Petrello and his wife had a daughter named Carena. At birth, Carena weighed 20 ounces, developing cerebral palsy. Then she was not able to eat solid foods until she was approximately 7 years old.

It is as well important to note that Tony has done a lot in giving back to the society, together with his wife Tony became active in charity, donating 7 million dollars at Texas Children’s Hospital to fund a neurological research. Particularly Anthony G. Petrello has worked a lot in helping children with neurological disorders, who their parents cannot afford proper medication. For sure, Mr. Petrello is a man to admire and emulate.

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The CEO of Securus, Rick Smith, Talks about the Future of Prison Communications

Securus Technologies is a major provider of communication technologies for the criminal justice system. The company recently discussed the important role they are playing to keep prisoners in touch with their families. They also talked about the important role they are playing in helping to keep society safe.

What the Future Will Look Like

The future of prison communication will have aspects such as more ease in use of all products, increased penetration of tablet and smart devices, more use of video calling, reduced recidivism rates, lower pricing for inmates, more products for inmates, and much more.

According to Rick smith, the future of prison communication will mirror what has been happening in society over the last decade. According to Rick Smith, Securus is going to use the products they have and develop more products to achieve the future goals. The aim of the new products will be to help solve crimes, prevent crimes, and save lives. At one time, Rick Smith has compared what they do to being better than what doctors do.

What Inmates can expect In Future When they enter a Prison or Jail

In future, when an inmate is taken to a jail or prison, they can either use Securus devices or bring their devices with them. However, communications will only take place with approved individuals. Communications will be possible with text, email, video, or voice calls. Besides that, instant funding for their accounts will be quite easy. Besides that, the CEO foresees a future where inmates will have access to databases that allow them to access songs, books, legal resources, and medical attention. Rick Smith added that Securus was quite close to providing all of these products to inmates.

According to the CEO, by letting inmates use their devices for prison communications, it allows them to access important numbers on their phones. The result is that booking and bailing periods can be significantly shortened. With Securus doing the necessary monitoring and recording, the public should be quite secure.

By encouraging the use of personal devices by inmates, it will stimulate usage that includes access to databases that allow inmates to access video, audio, law libraries, forms, religious texts, visitation schedules, health care resources and more much faster and more safely. According to Rick, although the company can deliver those products today, they want to lower prices going into the future. Read more on

About Securus Technologies

The company, which has its headquarter in Dallas, Texas, serves over 3,450 law enforcement, public safety, and correctional agencies country wide. Over 1.2 million inmates in North America access the company’s communication solutions. The services offered by the company have been lauded by law enforcement and prosecutors alike for helping solve otherwise unsolvable cases.

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UKV PLC Wines – The Finest Wines In The World

Everyone yearns for a glass of the finest wine in the world. Wine that will give you the new meaning of life and make you love your life more than anything else. This sounds easier being said than done. This is because getting the best wines is quite a daunting task. If you are in UK, do not despair. There is a reliable partner who can help you to get the best wines and champagne in the wold, UKV PLC Wines.

UKV PLC is a highly respected company that specializes in the selling and acquisition of the finest wines in the world. The company aims at delivering more than just a bottle of wine, it focuses on making the clients happy. There are several reasons that explain why the company is having such an immense success in the industry. UKV PLC Wines operates as an independent business entity. The company is not tied to other external businesses. This means that the operations of the business are smooth and transparent. There are no external aggressors who have a hand on how the business is run. With high levels of independence, the company is able to focus on giving its customers the best services without being interfered by the usual business politics. The independence also ensures that the company is not tied to a single supplier but instead it is free to look for the best suppliers in the market.

Another unique aspect about the business is its lean business model. It is run by a small team of experienced wine consultants. The consultants have been in the wines industry for many years and they know all the characteristics of a good wine. The zeal and passion of the consultants can be compared to none. They are fully dedicated in their job of helping customers to select the best wines and champagne depending on the occasion.

UKV PLC Wines conducts its business in a very professional way. The consultants are friendly to customers and are always willing to listen to your deepest needs and will answer all your questions about wines. You will be part and parcel of the whole process and the consultants will be open to give you other alternative ideas that suit your budget and you personal needs. The company has a vey flexible mode of operation. Clients can choose to meet the consultants anywhere that will be convenient.

The company has spread its presence in different social media platforms and one can have a glimpse of the amazing stories that other clients have about the company. The company also communicates to other people through its different social media handles.

Robert Manaira Shopping Mall: A Place of Fun and Leisure

From a distance, the Manaira Shopping Mall looks like the normal malls, but take a closer look, and you will get a different view. The mall is filled with fun activities for the whole family.

The mall is owned by Robert Santiago. His main motivation for developing the mall was to offer an alternative to fun and leisure. It took two years for the Mall to be completed and it is the largest shopping center in Paraiba State in Brazil.

Fun and entertainment is what the mall offers. It includes an electronically powered amusement park that has a game station that has over 200 machines dedicated to games only. There is a movie theater that includes state-of-the-art sound and entertainment systems. They have been designed with a popcorn stand and bar that offers different types of drinks. The bowling alley is also electronic and provides the perfect opportunity for fun. Still, on entertainment, the mall offers different recreational areas including gyms.

The mall has been designed with a gourmet space that houses steak and hamburger houses. That is not all; the mall has a food court that offers different cuisines for your enjoyment.

Many great improvements have been made in the mall. In 2007, Robert Santiago designed the Domus Hall at the rooftop of the mall. This was designed to be a concert hall to provide support for the different talents in the area. The concert hall became the largest hall in Joao Pessoa in Brazil. The hall has been designed with a different design from what you are used to. It houses two floors with different features. The ground floor has a huge space that can be used for different occasions like birthdays, graduation, weddings and anniversaries.

The second floor has been designed with a private cabin and lounge music. They have also included dressing rooms that can be accessed by at least ten people.

Roberto Santiago owns the Mall but before he began the construction, he owned other businesses. He owned a Company that focused on decorative objects. He has also invested in a cartonnage company.

He holds Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from the University Centre of Joao Pessoa. He has also attended the Marist College Pio X. He has developed a passion for sports and has participated and won trophies in different motocross and also Kart Championships.

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QI Group’s Success Under Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is a multilevel marketing guru and a businessman. His skills have been critical to enhancing the success of QI group, a company he founded in 1998. He is the executive chairman of the Hong Kong-based company. Vijay is also the author of half a dozen books.

The entrepreneur was born on October 7, 1960, in Penang, Malaysia. His mother was a teacher while his father, Vijayaratnam Saravanamuthu, worked with the Malaysian Labor Ministry. Due to his father’s frequent transfers, as a child, Vijay lived in many parts of the country.

After his high school education, Vijay’s dad sent him abroad to pursue a Socio-economic degree at the London School of Economics. He graduated from the school in 1984 but did not land a well-paying job immediately. He was forced to undertake odd jobs such as working at a construction site in Belgium, driving a cab in London, and plucking grapes in France. When he returned to the UK, he was introduced to binary marketing on Vijay’s determination to succeed in the field saw him pursue professional papers from CIM.

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In 1986, he moved to the United States to pursue his MBA at the Southern Illinois University. While at the University, he continued to do multilevel marketing on a part-time basis. After graduating, Vijay Eswaran stayed in the US for a while before moving back to Malaysia. Cosway Group immediately approached him, and the two reached a deal that saw Vijay help the group start its multilevel marketing business in the Philippines.

As he worked for Cosway, Vijay continued to gain the experience that he needed to start his multilevel marketing firm. In 1998, Vijay Eswaran founded QI Group. Today, the company has operation in many countries, including Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Singapore. The conglomerate is involved in a wide range of businesses, which include media, travel, luxury products telecommunications, and wellness. The company’s headquarters are based in Hong Kong. The success of QI Group has seen him amass much wealth.

Vijay is also a motivational speaker. He has spoken in many forums, including the sixth Pravasi Bharatiya Divas and the World Economic Forum on v. Some of his popular books are In the Sphere of Silence, Thought of the Day, In the Thinking Zone, and On the Wings of Thought.

Nationwide Title Clearing Making Title Defects a Thing of the Past

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC), a research firm that provides document-processing for the financial and mortgage industry, is vamping up their website in response to widespread title defects.


Lately, title defects have become commonplace within the real estate world, and that is the main reason why NTC has responded in earnest to this common problem that is said to cause unneeded foreclosures and non-liquidity within the real estate market. By updating their website and making it simpler to file and obtain property reports, Nationwide is securing the process of title conveyance and minimizing the risk of buybacks and untimely foreclosures.


Title defects usually occur because a person or entity makes a claim against someone else’s property. This, however, is not the only reason why title defects occur. Incorrect wording within real estate documents, omission of an important signature, pre-existing liens and other claims on the property which have not been removed, and inappropriate filing procedures are just some of the other obstacles that prevent a smooth mortgage or real-estate transaction.


NTC has sought to reduce these problems through their website by bringing any title defect to the attention of the participants before the sale or transference of property occurs. Key property reports may now be obtained online through Nationwide’s website. Such reports include:


Current Owner Reports

Assignment Verification Reports

Tax Status & Status Plus Reports


These specific online reports have been implemented onto NTC’s website based upon real-life land records, which have shown that such reports can dramatically reduce the occurrence of title defects. The major contribution NTC has provided to the masses in this regard is in its ability to provide these crucial reports through a quick, easy, and systematic online process.


NTC’s online process is in full compliance with U.S. regulations and all the data it secures through multiple data sources abide by good business practices. While much of Nationwide’s online processes are automated, the company also uses human verification procedures to ensure that all data is correct and up-to-date, as well as in compliance with real estate laws.


The current success of NTC’s online process is largely due to the company’s ability to understand what their clients need and then tailor a particular property report that contains the specific data appropriate to the property in question. Nationwide’s website can actually produce accurate reports by eliminating unnecessary documents and data which are not in concurrence with the client’s specific situation and requirements.


About Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc.


NTC was founded in 1991 and its headquarters are currently located in Palm Harbor, Florida. The company is privately held and specializes in residential mortgage research and document-processing.


Nationwide has a reputation within the real estate world for delivering high-quality research and document-processing. In fact, NTC has set the standard when it comes to protecting private homeowners, preserving U.S. land records, and easing mortgage banking industry transactions.


Today, NTC provides various mortgage-based services. These include property reports, land record research, lien releases, document tracking, and document retrieval.

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An Insight into InnovaCare Health and its Leadership

InnovaCare Health is a leading company dedicated to providing quality health care services. It has created sustainable and cost-effective models to improve its services. Furthermore, the firm is the provider of the Medicaid and Medicare Advantage and the physician practice services.

InnovaCare operates two Medicare Advantage plans in Puerto Rico including the MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice. They have 200,000 members with more than 7,500 service providers. Apart from this, InnovaCare also manages two Medicaid plans within the Government Health Plan of Puerto Rica.

InnovaCare Health is committed to upholding strong relationships with its customers. Moreover, it have strived to coordinate quality and innovative care to patients across North America by adopting new useful approaches of providing better services. Through the Medicaid and Medicare Advantage Programs, the firm has redefined healthcare management to meet today’s complex healthcare environmental challenges.

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The Leadership of InnovaCare Health

i. Dr. Richard Shinto

Dr. Richard Shinto is the CEO of InnovaCare, Inc. He had previously served as the president of Aveta Inc. for four years before its closure. The professional has an experience of more than 20 years in clinic management and operation of healthcare. Apart from this, Dr. Rick Shinto had worked for several companies before joining Aveta Inc. This includes the NAMM California and Medical Pathways Management Company; where he was the Chief Medical Officer for both companies. Additionally, he was also the Chief Operating Officer of the Medical Pathways Management.

Besides Dr. Shinto’s remarkable role in the management of the companies, he has a great vision to fortify the relationship between service providers and customers. This is through innovative strategies on He has an approach for PMC to exceed Medicare Advantage quality service expectations that will consider the well-being of its members. In addition, Richard Shinto is an author of several articles on clinical medicine and healthcare.

ii. Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare Company. She was the former Chief Operating Officer of both InnovaCare and Aveta companies before rejoining InnovaCare in 2015. Penelope has worked in many other businesses including the Centerlight HealthCare, Touchstone Health as well as AmericaChoice, a business unit of UnitedHealth Group.

She is experienced for more than 20 years specializing in government programs and the managed care industry. The specialist has a focus on improving efficiencies and organizational infrastructure. Her expertise and broad knowledge have enabled her to develop clinical programs and operating health care procedures.

Flourishing and Successful Leadership of Kenneth Goodgame

Since 2013, Kenneth Goodgame has been working at True Value Company as the chief marketing officer as well as the senior vice president. Over the years, he has amassed lots of wealth of marketing knowledge thus giving him an edge in matters associated with marketing strategies. True Value Company has several retailers across the United States, and Kenneth Goodgame has been an important and core contributor to their success especially in areas of brand recognition. With a marketing Degree from the prominent Tennessee University, Goodgame has attained a good reputation of managing profits and losses as well as building highly successful teams.

His Innovative Strategies

Kenneth Goodgame has had a notable mark in all his endeavors at different firms. One of the factors that has contributed to his success is his inventiveness in coming up with programs that aim at improving the advertising and marketing strategies of an entity. Goodgame established the Pay for Play advertising program for True Value Company, a program that needed investments from vendors. This program simplified the process of buying ad space for suppliers. Furthermore, it provided half the funding that True Value Company required for its national TV budget. In addition to his strategies, Kenneth restructured the firm’s merchandising team and hired a full management squad with an end goal of improving the performance of the firm.

Kenneth Skills and Abilities

In various capacities, Mr Goodgame has shown his abilities and excellent leadership skills. He has proven to be quite visionary by collecting different ideas and turning them to realistic and profitable programs. Kenneth Goodgame sees beyond the obvious and immediate results. This has enabled him formulate realistic and efficient plans for future success. Being a marketing guru, Mr Goodgame has a knack for predicting and seeing potential as well as investing in relevant merchandising strategies. Besides working as a leader, he also offers marketing and advertising advice on his website with an aim to help company executives and professionals get smart business strategies.

About True Value Company

True Value Company is one of the largest and successful retailer-owned hardware corporative internationally. This firm offers a wide range of products ranging from home appliances, home improvement products to tools among others.

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DIVERSANT LLC Ranked in SIA’s 2016 Largest Staffing Firms’ List

DIVERSANT LLC, a New Jersey-based IT staffing firm was named one of the biggest staffing firms in the U.S. by SIA. This prestigious honor was only accorded to 134 staffing companies that each generated at least $100 million in revenue in 2015. DIVERSANT LLC made a whopping $120 million for the year ending 2015 and ranked number 116 on SIA’s list. As a certified MBE (Minority Business Enterprise), DIVERSANT LLC has grown tremendously since 2010. It currently operates 11 offices and plans to add more locations in 2017.

Statements by DIVERSANT’s CEO and Principal

DIVERSANT’S CEO, Gene Waddy, remarked that the firm was honored to be acknowledged as one of the country’s most successful, and largest, staffing firms. Waddy added that he was not only pleased by the company’s accomplishments so far but also excited about the numerous opportunities open to DIVERSANT to expand its brand. Waddy thanked all the company’s clients for the support they have shown over the years. He also remembered DIVERSANT’s team of IT staffing professionals and consultants who deliver quality support services to clients every day.

DIVERSANT’s Principal, John Goullet, said that the entire company was thrilled to be recognized for its hard work and quality service delivery. He added that the recognition showcased the firm’s commitment to delivering excellent IT staffing solutions to the marketplace. He remarked that the company is committed to building on its core values to ensure sustainable growth and development.

John Goullet

John Goullet is an accomplished IT executive and entrepreneur. He is the principal of the successful DIVERSANT LLC Company. He has served in the IT consultancy and staffing industry for over 35 years. John started Info Technologies and grew it into a prosperous IT staffing firm that served Fortune 500 companies in the United States. Five years after inception, Info Technologies was worth $30 million and was named one of the fastest growing US private firms by Inc. Magazine.

In 2010, John Goullet’s company Info Technologies merged with Gene Waddy’s, DIVERSANT Inc., to form DIVERSANT LLC. The company has concentrated on providing second-to-none IT staffing services to the marketplace. John became the company’s Principal and is tasked with developing innovative solutions for solving the industry’s most pressing challenges.

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Martin Lustgarten Brings Wealth to His Clients.

If you are new to investing it is useful to have a skilled financial adviser to guide you along. Without the right person to help you there is a great risk that you will lose your money by making poor decisions. Many people dream of retirement. It is one of the biggest reason people invest in stocks. When the economy was doing poorly it was natural to be afraid of risking your money. However, there is one man who can turn a profit on the markets even when things are looking their most dire. His name is Martin Lustgarten. He is one of the world’s most reliable investment advisers and he has been helping people to earn money for their retirement savings for years. The number of people who can live a life of comfort while relaxing on the beach because of Martin’s help are hard to count.

Martin is proud to be an investor who operates on a global scale. He has homes in both Venezuela and Austra and as a result he understands those markets intimately. He uses that knowledge to predict trends on the global scale. Other investors are limited by their narrow perspective and they can only see what is right in front of them. The best investment experts can see far into the future because that is where the greatest opportunity is. When you can feel the rhythm of the global economy like Martin Lustgarten can you are sure to win big over the long term. Martin suggests that everyone who is interested in investing purchase a diverse range of stocks in many countries.

Martin knows many different local markets around the world. This gives him access to opportunities that few other people are aware of. This ability of his is one of the reasons others consider him to be a role model amongst investors. He is a man who associates with people directly and in doing so he collects the best market intelligence. He can get into the best stocks early and as your investment adviser he can bring you along with him. If you have the chance to hire Martin Lustgarten to help you don’t miss the opportunity.

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