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CEO Bob Reina Seeks To Change The World

Bob Reina, who founded Talk Fusion in 2007, is a CEO who is truly looking to change the world for the better. He gets his inspiration from seeing how his actions help others realize their dreams. He believes in having a greater responsibility for his level of success.

His stellar vision and leadership is apparent in his company DNA, as his staff members carry the same pride in giving back. Because of the actions he has taken, he has promoted a culture of change that focuses on solving the world’s problems, not just making money at Talk Fusion.

He begins by setting the example at home. In his company, people are not employees, they are independent associates. And they are spread around the world in over 140 countries. He offers instant payment for the associates when they make a sale, which allows them to better pay for their own expenses, including medical bills. It also puts them in a better situation to help their friends and family.

Reina also promotes charitable giving by allowing each associate to give a free custom account to one charity. This Talk Fusion account has all of the main features, including video email, live chat, video newsletters, email templates, and more. This way, Reina is empowering nonprofits to communicate with the world, an amazing trait in a CEO that the world needs more of today.
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Brian Bonar: A Man of Passion

When you have been in the financial sector for nearly thirty years, you really have to love your job. Heck, to do anything for thirty years, I would hope that you love the job, care about it, and give it your all. When it comes to Brian Bonar, there are many words to describe him. Passion is the one that is sticking with me right now.

Brian Bonar has never lost that passion and that thirst for the job. He has never burned himself out or gotten tired of it or looked for other lines of work. He believes this is his true calling and he takes it incredibly seriously. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

He knows a lot of people are counting on him, rely on him, and depend on him. Others might welt under that pressure or it might be too much for them to handle. When it comes to Brian Bonar, he puts on his thinking cap and gets right to work.

I’m honored and pleased to announce that Brian Bonar recently received the Cambridge Who’s Who® Executive of the Year in Finance for his work as CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation. This is the highest honor that one can receive in their line of work, which shows you the importance of it and what it means to Brian Bonar.

In addition to that, only two men and two women receive this award every year. It isn’t like they hand this award out to just anyone. You have to earn it and if there is anyone that has earned it, it is Brian Bonar. He is a true leader in every sense of the word.

After thirty years, he still loves to pass on his knowledge to the younger generation. He loves to help them, guide them, and show them the way. Brian Bonar knows they are the future and he is a firm believer in protecting the future and taking care of it in the best possible way.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar has also taken his professional and academic achievements quite seriously as well. He knows what he has done, where he has gone to school, and what he has achieved. He is proud, as he should be, and I have a feeling this won’t be the last time he will be winning this award.

I think it will be the first of many awards for him, and every single one has been earned through his own work ethic. These might sound like cliches, but they are true for him. He is the first person in the office in the morning and the last one to leave. He puts in the extra hours. He doesn’t stop until he has an answer. That’s just how he is wired.

DeVos Family Donates $1 Million To Kennedy Center Renovation Fund

The Kennedy Center For Performing Arts fundraising goal has far exceeded expectations. The performing art center’s initial goal was set at $50 million. Since the first round of fundraising was such an overwhelming success, the center decided to up its goal by an additional $50 million.

The Kennedy Center has already raised $139.5 million since it began its fundraising efforts in 2013. The approved project, which includes a complete overhaul with additional pavilions, educational rooms, dining space and offices. There will also be a pedestrian bridge linking the Kennedy Center with the main pavilion.

The largest donation to date comes from Carlisle Group founder David Rubenstein. His personal donation was $50 million. The money continues to pour in despite passing the initial goal.

“The expansion of the riverwalk area is a much needed upgrade that will serve as the Kennedy Center’s front door,” said Kennedy Center CEO Deborah Rutter. The donations are a testament to how much individuals love the arts.”

Since the Kennedy Center’s opening, more than 3 million customers pass through annually. The renovations are expected to be completed in 2018.

Aside from Rubenstein, the Kennedy Center received $20 million from Boeing Aircraft, $10 million from Jacqueline Mars and the Schwarzman family and $5 million from Suzanne Neidland, The Centene Charitable Foundation and $1 million from Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation.

Dick DeVos is the son of Richard DeVos, founder of Amway Products. The family has a long history of philanthropy both domestically and internationally. The family is a huge proponent of education and school choice. They have given millions to local schools and have opened several charter schools.

After serving as CEO for Amway from 1993-2001, Dick served as CEO of the Orlando Magic, which is family purchased in 1994. In the Grand Rapids area, he has spearheaded a number of beautification initiatives. In 2006, he made an unsuccessful run as governor of the state of Michigan. He was defeated by Jennifer Granholm. DeVos is also a trained jet pilot and champion sailor.

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George Soros Sells 37% of his Stake in the U.S. Stocks

Soros is widely known as the individual that broke the Bank of England as he reaped an enormous profit of $1 billion by betting against the British Pound. Therefore, investors and markets all over the world take his moves or words seriously, as he has managed to make a name for himself as a legendary investor. In recent times, George Soros raised eyebrows in the investment market after selling 37% of his U.S Stock investments. The billionaire also bought more gold as well as putting a wager against the equities.

According to various reports from a government source, the value of the publicly held stock by the Soros Fund Management fell to $3.5 billion during the first quarter. The Soros Fund Management revealed that it owned bearish contracts on SPDR 500 EFT Trust’s 2.1 million shares.

George Soros is also reported to be optimistic on the rise of stock, which led him to buy SPDR Gold Trust’s 1.05 million worth of stock. By the end of the last quarter, the firm managed to acquire a holding of $264 million in the Barrick Gold Corp, which is the Globe’s largest metal producer.

In other reports from the government filing, Soros sold his stake in Dow Chemical Co. and the Level3 Communications Inc. Further, his firm split its investment holding between the Delta Air Lines Inc. and the Endo International Plc.

Stan Druckenmiller, who is Soros’s former head strategist, is also reported to be optimistic on the price of gold. He also asserted that Gold was his biggest currency allocation. During the first quarter the price of gold, especially for immediate delivery rose by 16%.In addition, the Barrick company, based in Toronto has risen twice more in 2016 with a reduction in debt and increased endeavors to minimize operating costs. The information was mentioned on Bloomberg

George Soros

In the US, George Soros served in the capacity of an investment manager as well as an analyst in various firms such as Arnhold S.Bleichroeder, Wertheim & Co as well as the F.M.Mayer. Later in 1973, Soros decided to set up his company, the Soros Fund Management. The company later transformed into the Quantum Fund.

George Soros is a recognized philanthropist. His Open Society Foundation carries out most of his philanthropic efforts. The foundation is responsible for channeling support to over a hundred nations worldwide in an effort to promote human rights and democracy. Apart from investing and philanthropy, Soros is an author, who has managed to release various publications such as The Bubble of American Supremacy: Correcting the Misuse of American Power. Information can be obtained from

Doe Deere Establishes New Social Media Record


Doe Deere is the worldwide famous CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Lime Crime Cosmetics are for the bold individual that also likes strikingly bold and vivid colors to express their mood or personality. Lime Crime was one of the first cosmetic companies online to make buying makeup a very interactive experience. Most cosmetic companies simply displayed lipstick colors on a white background. Customers viewed the lipstick swatches and selected the shade. However, the shades displayed rarely looked the same on a real person. Lime Crime went a step further, and displayed the colors on real women. Thus, giving the viewer a more interactive and real experience.

Lime Crime’s Social Media Influence
Doe Deere was one of the first CEO’s to embrace the eCommerce market. Her eCommerce business model has proved very successful for the company. Lime Crime is a company that is known for taking bold moves and really getting close to their customers. Now, they’ve made a bold move to the top social media sites and are actively interacting with their unicorns. Unicorns is the name given to Lime Crime followers, by Doe Deere. The Los Angeles based cosmetic company has reached another impressive milestone. Lime Crime has well over Two million Instagram followers, and the number keeps growing. Lime Crime is also on Twitter. Now, Lime Crime’s little unicorns are able to keep up to date on the latest lipsticks, eye-shadows, and nail polishes hitting the market. In addition, all the new Lime Crime products are modeled by real customers. Thus, making the products very engaging for the viewers.

Doe Deere
Doe Deere is the very charismatic CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Deere has always held a strong fascination for bold and vibrant colors. This love for striking colors started as a child back in Russia. Years later, she moved to America. She lived for several years in New York City. Her love for bold colors continued to grow. However, the young Doe Deere had difficultly finding the type of bold colors that she desired.

Doe Deere established Lime Crime back in 2008. This young woman was on a mission to prove to the world that makeup was more than something used to hide imperfections. Makeup was a tool to present your creativity to the world. In essence, makeup was a form of self-expression or a form of art for the individual. Doe Deere is very proud of the fact that her cosmetics are cruelty free. Her cosmetic company was one of the first to realize that the Internet was a great market place for innovative products.

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How Stephen Murray Built Up CCMP Capital Over Time

Building a great business takes a lot of hard work and ability to take a risk. CCMP Capital is one of the leading investment firms in the business today. They are a great example of the impact that a company can make on people. Over time, the company has helped millions of people with their personal finances and investments. Stephen Murray led the company for many years until his death. His leadership is a great example to younger people on how to lead a company the right way. There are a lot of important lessons for people to learn from this great leader who has passed on.

Start Small

One of the best things about CCMP Capital is that the company started out as a small business. Even as the business grew to new heights, they did not lose that small business touch that so many people know and love. Over the long term, there are a lot of people who are interested in starting up a small business. CCMP Capital is a great example of how to scale up your business over time without losing the heart of a small business. Stephen Murray played a crucial role in this development and should be commended for his great work during his time at the top.

Stephen Murray

There are few leaders in the business world like Steve Murray. Not only does he have a heart for employees and customers, but he also had a great vision for his company. There are a lot of great things that he did in his time with CCMP Capital. However, anyone who wants to learn how to run a business during hard times should look at the work that he did at CCMP Capital. There are few leaders in the business world today who have the heart that Steve Murray did for customers.

Future Growth of CCMP Capital

CCMP Capital is in a great place today because of the work of Stephen Murray. Not only does the company employ a lot of people, but they also work to help other people with their personal finances. There are millions of people who have been touched by the work of Stephen Murray and this company. If you are interested in starting up a business, looking at the example set by this company is a great idea. Even during bad economic times, there are a lot of things that they do to help customers. Steve died at age 52, Fortune has a more detailed report.

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