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Priemum Dog Foods are the Fastest Growing Segment of the Multi-Billion Dollar Pet Food Business

Many people today are becoming increasingly aware of the food they eat. These folks want their food to be healthy, nutritious and sustainably sourced. Not only do they want these qualities for themselves and their families, but also for their four-legged companions. According to an article published by the Chicago Daily Herald (, the premium pet food business is the fastest growing segment of the $23.7 billion a year market.

The most important thing that sets the premium dog foods apart from the rest is the use of high-quality ingredients. Some dog foods advertise more exotic meats like venison, buffalo, and wild salmon as their main ingredients. Whatever the source, high-quality protein is an important part of your pet’s diet.

Some of the premium brands also claim to carry other health benefits. One claims to assist in helping your dog’s arthritis, and other in controlling canine diabetes. Some manufacturers also offer the pet owner the ability to customize their pet’s diet and receive the blends by door-to-door delivery.

Whatever you choose to feed your furry companion, a high-quality dog food is important. One that contains all your pet’s daily nutritional needs is Beneful from the Nestle Purina Store Petcare Company. Purina has been around for over a hundred years and has invested millions of dollars and hours into researching pet nutrition. As a result, Purina is the world’s second largest manufacturer of pet food.

Beneful Brand Dog Food can be found in both wet and dry varieties and in a number of package sizes. There is also a line of treats to supplement your dog’s meals. Beneful offers a number of different menu selections ranging from “comfort” foods like beef stew to more discerning entrees like Beneful Romana Style Melody with pasta, chicken, and carrots. All of the ingredients used must pass through a rigorous quality control process to ensure your pet gets only the very best food that can be found.


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