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Eva Moskowitz’s Insights On The Importance Of Developing Charter Schools In New York City

Eva Moskowitz has loads of experience in solving different crisis in the education sector. In her attempt to find viable solutions to the existing challenges in the industry, Eva founded the Success Academy nine years ago. She is one of the key advocates for public charter schools.

Although Eva Moskowitz grew up knowing the various problems experienced in the education system in New York City, she gained in-depth knowledge about these shortcomings during her tenure as the chair of the City Council Education Committee. In this position, she conducted more than a hundred hearings on issues affecting education. These sessions provided her with critical information that convinced her that there was an urgent need for change. Eva Moskowitz has since advanced the idea of active public charter schools. She believes that such schools would solve most of the problems faced in these problem schools.

According to the education series on the Daily News, Eva notes that the menace faced in the education sector twenty years ago have not been resolved to date. According to the series, more than 143,000 children are trapped in badly failing schools. The education system has continued to deteriorate such that there is no solution from within that can help to improve them. The only way to bring change to the field is through the establishment of high-quality public charter schools.

Eva Moskowitz posits that for the children trapped in the educational sector to succeed academically, they need to have effective and strong teachers. They also need a robust curriculum. These strategies would challenge the students to excel. Moreover, students need to know that their parents, teachers and all stakeholders in the education sector have high expectations for them.

Eva Moskowitz is a 53-year-old advocate for public charter schools in New York City. She is also the chief executive officer of Success Academy Charter Schools, a group of schools that she founded nine years ago. The educational leader is a graduate of the celebrated University of Pennsylvania and prestigious Johns Hopkins University. Eva Moskowitz is affiliated with different institutions, including Prep for Prep School. Notably, Eva has served as a professor at the University of Virginia, Columbia University and the City University of New York.



ClassDojo Creates a Learning Culture and Community between Parents, Children and Teachers

Research on the power of children mindset has been an ongoing activity that is focused on changing the perception about themselves as the learners. With the ClassDojo monster in place, children are positioned in a better place that enhances them to approach the challenges of learning through acknowledging that their abilities to learn and develop are malleable and therefore it brings together the key stakeholders including the pupils, teachers and the parents.


In partnership with Stanford project of education research, ClassDojo has endeavored to provide resources that facilitate the teaching of the mindset growth. These efforts are seen in the recently developed series of five animations videos that are focused on growth mindset through incorporating ClassDojo characters that are known to many students.


Communication has been greatly enhanced through the creation of communication platform where pupils, teachers and parents interact. In this regard, a communication platform where teachers share text messages, photos, videos, is provided and therefore parents are informed of the class happenings. As seen through the ClassDojo twitter teachers or students can add photos and videos directly and parents can see their children work through the help of ClassDojo app.


Through the ClassDojo, the teachers day to day development are kept on check and this helps to come up with the most appropriate strategic work. The strategic use of videos has a significant impact and this explains how growth on mindset impacts the student management levels. ClassDojo is opposed to praising the effort alone but rather it articulates that parents and teachers should capitalize on strategies as a way of helping the children to attain the desired grades.


Apart from the increased parents’ engagement, ClassDojo offers translation to 40 languages and this helps to accommodate English non-speaking children. Also, it makes schedule of the activities with the consent of the parents. Actually, parents can trace the children activities through the help of the video and photo upload option offered by the program.


Since it was founded in 2001, ClassDojo has not only enjoyed a grade books and testing programs, and digital curriculum but also it is a free easy to use app that has created a culture as well as a community between parents, students and teachers. With the increasing significance of the app various investors such as Signal fire, Reach Capital and GSV have showed interest towards channeling substantial investment towards the program.

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