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Your Friday Success Story: Jon Urbana, Youth Lacrosse Camp Founder

Jon Urbana is a successful Denver, Colorado native. His success story is one that his close friends and family have known about for years. However, there are some new fans that do not know that he was formally an athlete that played lacrosse for Villanova University. His success on the lacrosse team paved the way for further success in his life. Paving the way for further success is something that Jon Urbana shares with his kids at the Next Level Lacrosse Camp. He is the co-founder of a summer training camp that teaches kids to sharpen their lacrosse skills on the field. Certainly, his success story is backed by his strong interest in charity work, music, photography. Find out more about Jon Urbana on social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.

Such Great Charity Achievements!
Urbana is one individual that enjoys working with local charities in his home state. True, Jon Urbana is a Denver, Colorado native. Colorado is a beautiful state that is known for the great outdoor life. Urbana would like to preserve that wonderful natural life and environment. That is exactly why he strongly supports Earth Force Inc, which strongly believes in a clear environment. Check out the news about Jon Urbana’s GoFundMe.

A Surprising Musical Talent!
Jon Urbana is a big music writer in 2016. The love for music has always been a part of him. He likes to share his deep interest with music with his followers on various sites.  Find out more here.

Better At Photography Than You’d Think!
Jon Urbana is the man behind the camera in a wide variety of candid shots that are posted online to his domain. Urbana is proud of his photography skills and likes to share his favorite photographs online at sites like Instagram or his Tumblr feed,

He Loves Social Media
Social media is the way that millions of people stay connected with friends and family that are at a long distance. It is also a way to stay close to fans. Jon Urbana is a regular contributor to social media sites like Facebook and SlideShare.

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