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DeVos Family Donates $1 Million To Kennedy Center Renovation Fund

The Kennedy Center For Performing Arts fundraising goal has far exceeded expectations. The performing art center’s initial goal was set at $50 million. Since the first round of fundraising was such an overwhelming success, the center decided to up its goal by an additional $50 million.

The Kennedy Center has already raised $139.5 million since it began its fundraising efforts in 2013. The approved project, which includes a complete overhaul with additional pavilions, educational rooms, dining space and offices. There will also be a pedestrian bridge linking the Kennedy Center with the main pavilion.

The largest donation to date comes from Carlisle Group founder David Rubenstein. His personal donation was $50 million. The money continues to pour in despite passing the initial goal.

“The expansion of the riverwalk area is a much needed upgrade that will serve as the Kennedy Center’s front door,” said Kennedy Center CEO Deborah Rutter. The donations are a testament to how much individuals love the arts.”

Since the Kennedy Center’s opening, more than 3 million customers pass through annually. The renovations are expected to be completed in 2018.

Aside from Rubenstein, the Kennedy Center received $20 million from Boeing Aircraft, $10 million from Jacqueline Mars and the Schwarzman family and $5 million from Suzanne Neidland, The Centene Charitable Foundation and $1 million from Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation.

Dick DeVos is the son of Richard DeVos, founder of Amway Products. The family has a long history of philanthropy both domestically and internationally. The family is a huge proponent of education and school choice. They have given millions to local schools and have opened several charter schools.

After serving as CEO for Amway from 1993-2001, Dick served as CEO of the Orlando Magic, which is family purchased in 1994. In the Grand Rapids area, he has spearheaded a number of beautification initiatives. In 2006, he made an unsuccessful run as governor of the state of Michigan. He was defeated by Jennifer Granholm. DeVos is also a trained jet pilot and champion sailor.

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Ross Abelow: One of New York’s Reputed Lawyers

Ross Abelow is a lawyer whose practice centers on family law, matrimonial law and commercial litigation. He also deals with matters in relation to entertainment law. A partner of Abelow and Cassandro LLP, Ross is a former student of the State University of New York. He is also a proud alumnus of the Brooklyn Law School. His experience as a legal practitioner spans over two decades.

The New York-based lawyer has practice in various states outside New York hence establishing a good reputation far and wide. He is not only certified to practice law but he has also excelled in several character evaluations. He is also bound by the strict provisions of the Code of Professional Conduct of Lawyers in the country. This means that his conduct and practice of law must be both professional and ethical at all times.

Other than practicing mainstream law, Ross is known to passionately pursue social and community concerns. This was evident when he decided to launch a fundraiser, three months ago in order to benefit city animals. The goal of the Go Fund Me fundraiser was to raise up to $5000 to donate to animal shelters. This money would go towards helping the shelter owners to pay for animal food, medical care, and blankets for the homeless and vulnerable animals in their care.

The fundraiser which Ross Abelow spearheaded was geared towards bringing together animal lovers in New York to ensure that the homeless animals in the city found a place to feed and sleep.

When Ross Abelow is not helping the community, he can be found helping couples run through their matrimonial issues with a view to solving them. He is also a divorce lawyer who helps clients come to an agreement or a divorce settlement easily and amicably.

Look for Ross Abelow and enjoy working with a professional who is not only qualified but also experienced in many areas of law. He will not only help you through the huge amount of paperwork which is a characteristic of legal suits, but he will also offer you representation both inside and outside the court. If you want the best services in New York, choose Ross Abelow.

Autism Rocks Concerts for Charity

Sanjay Shah had a brilliant thought one day of a way he could personally make a difference in the research of Autism. Voila, a charity had been born and a divine meeting with music mogul Snoop Dogg found help and support for the group. Now this new charity boasts an unusual name of “AUTISM ROCKS”! They host private concerts world-wide hoping to bring in not only monetary donations, but also to further explain the difficulties those with autism have. This is a strange difficult disease that is hard to understand and there is no known cure. But with the assistance of concerned people like Sanjay Shah, there could be a cure just on the horizon. There is a special interest in this project for Sanjay since his own small son has this. It has been a long ride, for Sanjay and his family. But there is always hope and help if we all bond together and just get behind Autism Rocks and give them the boost they truly need. We need to understand why this happens in the first place. Is it totally genetic? Only time and your contributions will help us to find answers to these vital questions. The same as all involved with this disease, Sanjay and his friends and family only want more understanding and a better explanation. And this is totally possible in the near future if we can only get the help needed here. Great strides can and will be made with your help!! A “Go Fund Me” page has been set up to help patrons offer their love and caring. It is easily found at rocks01. Please help Sanjay Shah achieve his dream of a cure for autism. So don’t forget us at! Do it today…make a huge difference in today’s world. Any help you can offer will be met with the utmost gratitude.

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