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Who Needs Handy Cleaning Services The Most?

Handy is not a cleaning services company, but it is a cleaning services warehouse. The company has a website where home cleaners and their customers come every day the schedule new home cleaning appointments. This article explains how Handy helps every customer find what they need in a house cleaner.

#1: What Is The Business Model At Handy?

The Handy business model allows every cleaner to charge their own rate on the site. They are asked to keep their rates within a specified range, and Handy charges a small fee to the cleaner. Homeowners who schedule through Handy will pay the site every fee, and Handy disperses the money accordingly. Everything is handled in-house, and both parties are protected.

#2: How Do Customers Find Cleaners?

Customers may search for cleaners through the site at any time, and they may find someone in their area who offers the right price. Cleaners have their own information pages on the site, and each cleaner may advertise special services ( they offer. It is up to the customer when choosing a cleaner, and they may schedule with the cleaner the moment they find someone.

#3: Why Is Handy So Important For Home Cleaners?

Handy is an important service for home cleaners because they will find more customers through this site than anywhere else. There are millions of busy Americans who need their houses cleaned, and cleaners may come to the site looking for someone to help keep the house tidy. The cleaner will arrive at an appointed time every week, and they charge the customer through the site. The site provides everything the customer needs, and cleaners may sign up for their own information pages.

Cleaning businesses are improved every day when they find customers through Handy. The business is growing by the day, and they are booking millions of dollars in services every month.


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