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Norka Luque Went From Dance Club Singer To Chart Buster But It Wasn’t Easy

People say the entertainment industry is a very tough industry when it comes to making it big. People do it all the time, but when the amount of people that try to make it is compared to the amount of people that actually have a long-term career in music, it is obvious that making the big time in music is a million-to-one chance at best. People hear about success stories all the time, and they don’t realize what it takes to become one of those stories. Great singers don’t become great overnight. Besides having the talent, a great singer must make sacrifices, endure hardships and pain as well as take what comes their way until that one big break presents itself. That’s what happened to Norka Luque, the Venezuelan-born singer that was nominated for the best female pop singer in 2011. Norka had been singing for years when that honored was announced. No one knew who Norka was unless they visited a Latino dance club on South Beach in Miami.

Norka’s career didn’t start on South Beach. Norka started singing in Caracas when she was eight. She had the talent to be cast in a Luis Miguel musical back then. But just like all music prodigies, it would take Norka years to make it to the bright lights of Miami. Norka finished lower school and upper school in Venezuela, and she moved to France to study. She earned degrees in fashion, marketing, and culinary arts while she sang in a band called Bad Moon Rising on the weekends. Bad Moon Rising gained a reputation in the French dance clubs, and Norka developed a following in France. But she knew she would have to move to Miami in order to fulfill her dream of becoming an internationally known singer.

Norka made the move to Miami, and she began singing in clubs along South Beach. Her voice attracted a large Latino dance crowd and before long she was in demand. Even the Grammy-award winning producer Emilio Estefan hear her sing, and he didn’t waste any time signing her to a record contract. Emilio’s team put together Norka’s first album, and two of the singles became dance club hits. Norka’s name was suddenly on the tongues of radio jocks and music moguls. Norka’s second single, Milagro, hit the charts and raced to the top in the U.S., Venezuela, and Puerto Rico. Norka is on her way, and there’s no stopping her now. Find Norka Luque on Facebook and Twitter to learn more and hear her music.

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