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Problems with the German-Turkey Asylum Plan says George Soros

The refugee situation continues to be a problem in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, and Greece. Recently, Turkey took steps to establish a safe zone on but many human right groups fear that these safe zones will still experience extreme violence, indiscriminate bombing and fighting putting refugees and aid workers at risk. According to George Soros in an article on The New York Review of Books, there are many problems with the recent asylum policy.

The first problem that billionaire investor Soros sees with the plan is that it was imposed on the European Union by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. This policy on has less to do with how refugees are treated and more to do with the orientation of foreign policy. There is no doubt, however, that the European Union needs Germany in order to return to the international powerhouse it was at one time.

Secondly, according to George Soros, the plan is severely underfunded. In fact, many countries are giving small amounts of money a little at a time resulting in an increase in the overall cost. The refugee situation will cost at least $34 billion a year with the majority of that money going to those on the frontline. George Soros recommends that the European Union through reopening the European Commission’s Multi annual Financial Framework to borrow money through the European Financial Stabilization Mechanism and the Balance of Payments facility to sell $125 billion dollars in stocks that would then be repaid through value added taxes on gasoline, visas surcharges and accommodation taxes across the European Union.

The third problem with the Turkey-Germany asylum plan, according to Soros, is that the plan is not voluntary. Refugees get no voice in where they want to live with different refugees being assigned to countries. Instead, George Soros says that refugees should have the right to choose where they want to live.

Soros founded the Open Society Foundation in 1979 in New York City where his hedge fund is headquartered after deciding that he had enough personal wealth. He is called the man who broke the Bank of England after he shorted the British pound against the German mark resulting in Soros making $1 billion dollars in a single trade. In 1984, he opened an office in his native Hungary to help students fight against communism. Soon, he advanced into Poland and Russia. By 1991, he started opening universities to provide policy analysis. Soros uses most of his earnings today to promote humanitarian efforts caused by changing conditions around the globe. Read his profile at Forbes.

Many of the refugees would like to end up living in Germany permanently. The German people seem very open to having these residents settle in their country. They already have a system in place to provide housing, language courses, integration courses, and other assistance that the refugees need to create a new safe life for themselves.

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