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The Role of the American Institute of Architects

The building industry has been around ever since the dawn of time. Man’s need for shelter has led him to make major advancements in the building industry. At the center of the modern building industry are the architects. These are the people who have the initial idea of how a building will look like even before it is constructed. Architects have been around for many centuries and have helped reshape the physical world. The American Institute of Architects is an organization formed by architects in America in 1857 to support architects and improve their image in the public eye.

Looking back at its history, the American Institute of Architects was formed by a group of 13 architects in New York. They aimed to create an organization that would enable them to promote the profession and assists architects in their work. Over the years the organization has grown tremendously and now has over 90000 members. This has made the organization strong and a voice that is listened to when it comes to matters relating to the built environment.

The American Institute of Architects strives to create an enabling environment for architects to practice. By coming together as one voice, the architects are able to come up with policies that make it easier for architects to practice. For instance, the AIA helps come up with favorable tax codes and policies that help small and big firms compete fairly. In addition to this, the organization is consulted when coming up with building codes in order to help come up with better building codes.

The American Institute of Architects also helps in the protection of communities from the effects of climate change. One of the most underrated problems facing humanity right now is global warming. The AIA can help in reducing the negative impact of construction activities on the environment by coming up with ways to help architects design buildings with a lower carbon footprint. The architects should also design buildings that can withstand modern environmental characteristics.

Being a global organization, the American Institute of Architects is committed to ensuring all architects are treated equally regardless of their race, religion or gender. All architects are given an equal opportunity to pursue their dreams. The AIA promotes the celebration of people’s differences as opposed to using the differences in people’s race, age, religion or gender to oppress them. As a result, all members feel appreciated and part of something bigger than themselves which promotes the profession as a whole.

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