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Airport with private Airlines-Fagali Airport

Fagali is a village located on the Upolu Island in Samoa Archipelago. The village is about 5 km south-east of Apia. The village has been growing with many developments being established in the region. The village can well be described as the electrical constituency of Vaimauga East which is the Tuamasaga District one of the largest political districts. According to a census carried out in 2006, the population of Fagali was about 1571. Fagali village has facilities including Fagali Airport and Royal Samoa Golf Course which are located at Fagali Uta and make the village attractive economically.

Fagali Airport was previously operated and owned by Polynesia Airlines. At one time the airport was a grass only airstrip, in July 2002 the airport was reopened but later shut down due to Government concerns and the residence of Fagali village. There were concerned that the airport was noisy and destructive leading to the closure of the airport. In 2009 the government reopened the airport although the opening attracted a lot of critics due to the danger it posed for the people as well as the environment. Fagali Airport resumed its operations with flights to America Samoa as well as Pago Pago. Fagali Airport hosts the operations of other airlines which include; Samoa Air, South Pacific Island Airways, Talofa Airways as well as Polynesia Airlines.

Fagali Airport has a flight charter and it also offers private jet services. Prive Jets are one of the organizations which provide jet charter and air charter services from and to Fagali. Prive jets have over 6000 aircrafts around the world and they trust that there is no jet that is too big or too small to handle. They have quality services that within few hours clients can have their flight arranged from and to Fagali Airport. At Fagali Airport private customers can book from a broad range of jets among them Gulfstream, Global Express, Challenger, Falcon, Lear, Hawker, Jumbo jet as well as Boeing Business Jet. At Fagali customers can arrange their flights at their own time and travel at their comfort time, the operations are and the bookings are 24/7.

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