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Securus Technologies, Safeguarding Society through Technology

When it comes to provision of criminal justice technology solutions aimed at improving public safety, monitoring, corrections and credible investigations, Securus Technologies has carved out a niche for itself. Leaving a series of technological innovations as its footprints in the industry. Securus Technologies recently opted to release a tranche of letters and emails that the company received from its esteemed customers over the past few months. Aware of their reputation in the market, the Securus Technologies CEO was upbeat of the performance his organization has achieved in the time it’s been in operation, remarking that they do and will continue to release new technology innovations to the market every week.


While redacting names of various customers, most of the correspondence were of satisfied service consumers commenting on how various pieces of technology helped them solve puzzles in their lines of work. An investigation department official for example was glad information collected from phone calls helped to nab a corrupt staff member while another was glad they had used the technology to uncover inmate facilities problems such as alcohol and drug abuse, past shootouts and civilians providing description drugs at a discount.


A contraband goods monitoring agency was glad Securus Technologies had helped him enhance the monitoring capabilities and effectiveness. While a sheriff department official was excited that Securus’ LBS technology had assisted them recover illegal assets, cash money and drugs from drug peddlers something that could otherwise have been difficult.


Securus Technologies is a major provider of jail technologies to many facilities across the North American continent. Its greatest strength lies in its innovations potential whose importance has made it a service provider of choice to many. It serves up 3500 facilities with a capacity of more than 1.2 million inmates across the continent. Its major services include biometric synthesis, investigation, information management and monitoring systems.


Securus Technologies Fighting to Prevent Violent Crimes

When there is a rash of violent crimes in out city, my team of elite officers needs to be at the ready to take action before anyone else is hurt. This month, we got the call that there was a suspect in town who was breaking into beachfront homes and beating anyone who was inside the house. We had a suspect in mind, but finding him was another story altogether.


The suspect would simply sit on the beach with his binoculars, waiting to see if the families headed out to the beach for the day. Once the house was empty, he would climb over the balcony and take everything. On the off chance they came home early or someone was in the house, they got to feel the wrath of his anger. Staking out the beaches was not an option, finding him was imperative though.


When we decided to go to the jail to see if anyone could point us in a direction, we discovered Securus Technologies recently updates the monitoring system the guards use to listen to the inmates on the phones. Knowing this Dallas-based company well, it was clear we had a resource at our disposal that might bear some fruit. The LBS software allows you to plug in certain verbiage and get the alert immediately if anyone on the lines is talking about that subject matter.


Us being in the jail seemed to stir up something with an inmate, as he was scrambling to the phones to tell his cousin to not buy anything this week because he was under surveillance. Before the message could reach our suspect, we sent a team to intercept both of them and get our fugitive into custody. had it not been for Securus Technologies, this could have resulted in more people getting hurt today.


Securus Technology – Innovative Solutions for Inmates

Securus Technologies, Inc. is one of the leading providers for prison technology and communications. The company’s headquarters reside in Dallas, Texas, but they have offices throughout the United States and Canada. Their regional offices are located in Texas and Georgia. The company was founded in 1986 and employs about 1,000 people. They currently have contracts with approximately 2,600 correctional facilities in the 45 states, the District of Columbia, Canada and Mexico. They are responsible for serving over 2,200 correctional facilities throughout the nation. Securus takes great pride in providing exceptional services to the correctional facilities and the inmates. They reported in July 2016 that they have invested more than $600 million in technologies, different patents and contracts.


Securus has always offered many different types of services to the inmates, allowing them to stay in contact with their loved ones and family members. The plans range from simple communication plans to enhanced video features. They work hard to ensure that the best technology is used and that it’s top of the line. They are always working towards the next advancement, and making sure they can offer great services to the communities.


Throughout the years, Securus has developed a system to control contraband cell phones. Their Managed Access Solutions that was developed in 2016 received a quick approval in more than five correctional facilities. In July of 2016, they partnered with Harris Corporation to develop and introduce “Cell Defender” technology. They understand the need for inmates to have the option to communicate with their family, and they provide the most secure connection in order to do so. Their latest technology venture includes its Wireless Containment Solution. It was developed to help stop contraband cell phones from interrupting and connecting to mobile communication networks. Securus will continue to remain the leading provider with their valuable and high end networks.



The Market Standards have Earned Securus A+ Accreditation from The BBB

Securus Technologies is an information technology company that is based in Dallas, Texas. Securus is the largest provider of detainee communication, government information management solutions, and parolee tracking in America. This company was founded in 1986 with four regional offices around Texas. The facility services more than 3450 institutions among then correction facilities, law enforcement, and public safety agencies. Securus inc has employed more than 1000 employees who cater for more than 1, 200,000 inmates in various correction facilities across North America.


Since its inception, Securus has been committed to providing quality services. The company has been dedicating resources all geared towards improving its services. In the course of execution of its duties, Securus has received numerous awards in recognition for providing high-quality services to their clients. Particularly, in 2016, Securus received an A+ rating accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in recognition for its outstanding performance.


According to the vice president of operations, Danny de Hoyos, secures technologies has been working hard not only to receive an A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau but also to fulfill what they say to the public. He further added that the accreditation was voluntary on their side, but they worked hand in hand with the BBB in order to achieve the following required standards:


i. Build Trust- Securus worked hard to establish and maintain a positive record in the marketplace


ii. Advertise honestly- this standard requires all entities to observe the set standards of advertising and selling.


iii. Honor Promises – Securus will abide by all written agreements between them and their clients.


iv. Be Responsive- Securus will respond to any market dispute that may arise quickly in a professional way and in good faith.


v. Be transparent &safeguard privacy- this standard requires Securus to safeguard all the data they collect regarding their clients from mishandling.


A Few Irregularities Create Free Inmate Calling Features For Louisiana Customers

Inmate calling providers are regulated by top networks like Securus Technologies. They’re responsible for monitoring, surveillance, and technical support of inmate calls. They regulate millions of minutes for inmate providers that secure their calls with their loved ones. It is important that they catch irregularities like the ones associated with Global Tel-Link because this allows them to ensure that all customers are receiving their allotted amount of minutes. PRN News reported that Global Tel-Link was quick to correct their inaccuracies and provide complimentary free inmate calling features to their Louisiana customers for a limited time.


Securus Technologies has expanded their services to include network services. They have proudly processed over 4.3 billion minutes over the past quarter. Their features include video chatting and other advanced technological solutions that save you time and money. You never have to worry about inmate calling that isn’t secured. They have received a Certification 1 process that will give them international access to IT solutions and communications training. They will be able to provide the necessary regulating services to an international network. They give the you the opportunity to talk more and to spend less money while communicating with your loved ones in a correctional facility.


Securus Technologies Features


Video Visitation


You can video chat with your loved ones over the internet on those special holidays including their birthday. You can see them over a high definition picture and control the screen with a zoom in and out feature. Control the volume too with a one click adjustment feature.


Advanced Pay Options


You can pay for many features in advance, securely over the internet or telephone with friendly customer service assistance. They accept most debit and credit cards and you must be over the age of 18 to apply for service features. You never have to worry about locating an authorized agent.


Visit the Securus Technologies website for more details about services and promotions today.


Securus Connects Imprisoned Father With Son For The Better Of Us All

This video here is an example of how technology can do good. It is a short clip showing a prisoner in jail video chatting with his son in what looks like a club setting. A band is setting up on stage and all the members of the band are calling to the prisoner through the video chat. It stirs up so many emotions for the prisoner that he begins to cry. She touches the screen with longing and pride as his son takes the stage to play with his band. It seems as if the prisoner used to play music as well and probably taught his son. In the end, it is clear that the prisoner is incredibly proud.


This kind of connection, provided by Securus Technologies, is absolutely vital to the health of a robust society. Just think about it, if you are a prisoner, wouldn’t you want connections to the outside world? Especially when it concerns your family in such an emotionally powerful way.


 That connection right there is what connects a convict to the society that he lives in. Imagine being him. Imagine feeling connected to society before you leave prison. Wouldn’t you be much less likely to commit a crime? If you cared about the world that you are about to enter, you would not fall back into your old tendencies and commit new crimes. You would create a world in which you could participate in your son’s life and play music right next to him, wouldn’t you?


But look at it from the other side for a second. Imagine a prison that did not allow you to communicate with your family at all. Wouldn’t you feel disenfranchised? Wouldn’t you get angry at the world and perhaps want to commit more crime when you left prison? Study after study shows this to be true. Prisoners that feel like a part of society when they leave jail are much less likely to commit more crimes. Disenfranchised souls are much more likely to commit crimes. Which one do you want for your society?


I for one am glad to have companies like Securus Technologies around. The good people at this company allow prisoners to video chat with anybody outside of the person. All you need to do is set up an account and schedule a time. It’s that easy. And I’m hoping that every prisoner can connect with society before they leave through Securus.


Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

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