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CEO Bob Reina Seeks To Change The World

Bob Reina, who founded Talk Fusion in 2007, is a CEO who is truly looking to change the world for the better. He gets his inspiration from seeing how his actions help others realize their dreams. He believes in having a greater responsibility for his level of success.

His stellar vision and leadership is apparent in his company DNA, as his staff members carry the same pride in giving back. Because of the actions he has taken, he has promoted a culture of change that focuses on solving the world’s problems, not just making money at Talk Fusion.

He begins by setting the example at home. In his company, people are not employees, they are independent associates. And they are spread around the world in over 140 countries. He offers instant payment for the associates when they make a sale, which allows them to better pay for their own expenses, including medical bills. It also puts them in a better situation to help their friends and family.

Reina also promotes charitable giving by allowing each associate to give a free custom account to one charity. This Talk Fusion account has all of the main features, including video email, live chat, video newsletters, email templates, and more. This way, Reina is empowering nonprofits to communicate with the world, an amazing trait in a CEO that the world needs more of today.
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