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Enjoy Using Any Or All Of The Great Services Provided By FreedomPop

FreedomPop couldn’t possibly have only stuck with wireless services for cell phones because they had so much more to offer. As shown in a FreedomPop review, they started out by offering free cell phone service, and they have snowballed their services into adding free cell phone service, a paid service, an unlimited service, Wi-Fi service, and even Internet services. The only problem with joining FreedomPop is all of the choices that they have for wireless services, so here is some information about every service to get anyone started on their way to getting their services with FreedomPop.


Starting with the free cell phone service, the user will obtain 200 minutes of talk time, unlimited text messages, and 500 MB of data. With an automatic top up, the cost is $10. Those who turn off the automatic top up will not be charged anything but their actual usage over the 500 MB of data that comes with the plan. Earning extra data is always available to any FreedomPop customer by having them add friends or family members to their FreedomPop friends, and completing surveys or offers will also give them extra data as well.


Switch to the paid plan for $10.99 to get unlimited text messages and talk time as well as 500 MB of data. There is also the unlimited everything plan, which has its own unlimited data at a cost of $19.99 per month. Even though 1 GB of 4G LTE data comes with the plan, 3G data is what is completely unlimited for the plan. Any smartphone can be used with FreedomPop services, even if it’s a GSM phone or a Sprint phone that’s been swapped over to their services. Only 4.0 Android phones or 7.0 iPhones are usable on FreedomPop network.


The Internet services are available for the home as well as for those who are on the go. The portable hotspots come with 500 MB of data that’s free of charge every month. Portable hotspots have to be shipped out to a user and requires a refundable down payment before it can be shipped. Those who need home Internet can get it with the FreedomPop Hub, and the hub comes with Wi-Fi connections and at least a gigabyte of free data each month. FreedomPop also has Wi-Fi service that costs only five dollars monthly and has millions of different hotspot in the USA.

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