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Flourishing and Successful Leadership of Kenneth Goodgame

Since 2013, Kenneth Goodgame has been working at True Value Company as the chief marketing officer as well as the senior vice president. Over the years, he has amassed lots of wealth of marketing knowledge thus giving him an edge in matters associated with marketing strategies. True Value Company has several retailers across the United States, and Kenneth Goodgame has been an important and core contributor to their success especially in areas of brand recognition. With a marketing Degree from the prominent Tennessee University, Goodgame has attained a good reputation of managing profits and losses as well as building highly successful teams.

His Innovative Strategies

Kenneth Goodgame has had a notable mark in all his endeavors at different firms. One of the factors that has contributed to his success is his inventiveness in coming up with programs that aim at improving the advertising and marketing strategies of an entity. Goodgame established the Pay for Play advertising program for True Value Company, a program that needed investments from vendors. This program simplified the process of buying ad space for suppliers. Furthermore, it provided half the funding that True Value Company required for its national TV budget. In addition to his strategies, Kenneth restructured the firm’s merchandising team and hired a full management squad with an end goal of improving the performance of the firm.

Kenneth Skills and Abilities

In various capacities, Mr Goodgame has shown his abilities and excellent leadership skills. He has proven to be quite visionary by collecting different ideas and turning them to realistic and profitable programs. Kenneth Goodgame sees beyond the obvious and immediate results. This has enabled him formulate realistic and efficient plans for future success. Being a marketing guru, Mr Goodgame has a knack for predicting and seeing potential as well as investing in relevant merchandising strategies. Besides working as a leader, he also offers marketing and advertising advice on his website with an aim to help company executives and professionals get smart business strategies.

About True Value Company

True Value Company is one of the largest and successful retailer-owned hardware corporative internationally. This firm offers a wide range of products ranging from home appliances, home improvement products to tools among others.

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