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FreedomPop: A Fast-growing Mobile Service Provider

Freedompop is a discount wireless internet provider based in Los Angeles, California that offers free but limited Internet access and Net-based phone service using wireless broadband. The company, which was founded in 2011, also provides paid for phone plans that include additional text and voice while still capping the data. The mobile service provider sells tablets, mobile phones, and broadband services, which are used with their service.

The company has grown over the years raising more than $109 million in funding. It was founded by Stephen Stokols, the Chief Executive Officer, and Steven Sesar. FreedomPop is one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. The company uses Sprint’s network after partnering with the firm as an expansion strategy to its coverage. Some of the companies backing FreedomPop include DCM Capital, Axiata, Mangrove Capital, Partech Ventures, Atomico, and Intel. The move by these veteran firms to invest in FreedomPop suggests that the company has a profitable and innovative business model.

The company is driven by its mission of ensuring people have access to free and fast wireless internet. Taking advantage of the smartphone resale market across the United States and Chine, the company has aggressively lowered the cost of its refurbished devices in the market.
In 2014, FreedomPop officially shifted to Sprint’s 4G LTE network and later announced its low-cost tablets and smartphones. The new nationwide Wi-Fi plan, which was launched in January 2015, allows users to tap into a network with almost ten million Wi-Fi hotspots across the United States at a monthly cost of $5. In the subsequent moths, the company made several developments including expansion into the United Kingdom, free and low-cost iPhone plans, and a partnership with Intel Corporation to create Wi-Fi focused smartphones.

In 2014, it launched an Android application known as “FreedomPop Free Voice and Text.” The app allows those with Android phones to sign up and enjoy the free voice and text services offered by the company. FreedomPop review service shows that it is a great way of saving their Wireless bills. The company has subscribers in hundreds of thousands. Subscribers can bring their own mobile devices and tablets to the company’s service plans.

Early this year, the company unleashed a roaming sim card for providing free data roaming in the United Kingdom and the United States. FreedomPop plans to expand this service to Latin America and Southeast Asia before this year ends. There are also plans to expand its services internationally into Spain. In August 2016, FreedomPop offered zero-rate charges on WhatsApp users in more than thirty countries including Spain and the United States.

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