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George Soros Is Not Afraid To Label Trump At The Davos Summit

Even though hedge fund giant George Soros has done business with Donald Trump in the past, he’s not that excited about a Trump presidency. In fact, that’s an understatement. Soros doesn’t mince words when it comes to talking about Donald Trump. Soros thinks Trump is a fake, a con man, and he will fail.

George Soros is one of the economic heavyweights that attends the Davos Summit every year. This year was no exception. Soros was in Switzerland right before Trump’s inauguration, and he was his usual pensive self. Several news agencies wanted to get his thoughts on the election once again. They wanted to know what he thought would happen in the United States now that Trump had some real power. Soros is not afraid to label Donald Trump On Forbes, and that label is not the Brooks Brothers kind. According to Soros, Trump is an imposter and a would-be dictator.

It’s not a secret that Soros donated more than $10 million to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. He donated another $10 million to other Democratic candidate’s any many of those candidates lost as well. But Soros is not speaking out because Clinton lost. And, he’s not speaking out because he lost more money in the market when Trump won. Soros is speaking out because he believes Trump’s ideas contradict the meaning of a Democracy and an open society.

The battle to expose Trump for being the snake-oil salesman he is started long before the election, according to an article published by George Soros had a meeting in Washington in January 2017 with other Democratic donors, and they formed a plan to checkmate Trump over the next four years.

But the Soros comments at the Davos Summit had more substance. George believes Trump’s cabinet choices say a lot about the chaos that revolves around the real estate mogul on Trump picked three chiefs of staff instead of one, and there is bound to be infighting. The president’s position on trade is contradictory, according to Soros. Starting a trade war with China will hurt the economy, not help it. Trump’s form of government is like a Mafioso state or a dictatorship. Trump’s bashing of China will make the red state look more respectable in the eyes of the international community, according to the billionaire.

In terms of investments, George Soros thinks the uncertainty that follows Trump around will have a negative impact on the stock market. He thinks the recent stock market rally is short-lived. In his opinion, the stock market is going to have a rough year.

There are mixed opinions about Trump’s ability to bring the country together. There is nothing in the Trump playbook that will unify the country, according to Soros. Soros had other things to say at Davos. He believes Britain has a tough economic road ahead, and Prime Minister May is not going to be around very long. And the European Union has several hurdles to overcome, according to Soros.

No one knows what will happen over the next four years, but Soros is convinced the world is in for some unbelievable economic and social events, thanks to Mr. Trump.

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