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I Refinanced My New Car With The Help Of Ignition Financial

I purchased a lemon when I got my first car, which it costed me dearly. Since I decided not to repay the lender, it messed up my credit for some time, but I was able to sue them successfully in court, and they were able to reverse the fees off of my credit. The next time I decided to go out and buy a car, I was much more careful and decided to only buy a new car and not used one. My job afforded me the luxury of getting a brand-new car that was made in the same year that I purchased it.


Financing was still going to be a challenge because I didn’t have much credit history, but I was still able to get a decent interest rate at 16.5%. Even though I scoffed at the interest rate, I knew I wasn’t likely to get anything better because I had tried several lots before settling on the last dealership that sold me my car. I knew that refinancing would be in my future, so after I made a solid 12 months of payments, I looked into refinancing my car, and I went to Ignition Financial to get the job done.


I knew I wouldn’t have much of a problem getting refinanced, but I wanted a lower rate, I was even hoping for at least 10%, but I wasn’t terribly optimistic. Everything I did to keep up with the new car payments was very helpful because they told me my credit was good enough to get me a lower rate. Even though I didn’t get the exact 10% I was looking for, I got very close to it and was able to lower my monthly payments by over $75 a month. Who knew that I could slash my payments so much by working with Ignition Financial?


I even chose to recommend Ignition Financial to a family member who was having trouble paying her monthly car payments. She told me that she was able to get her rates down so low that she no longer worries each time her payments are due. I have a lot of praise for Ignition Financial because they really looked out for my best interest and shopped around with one financier after another until I got a refinancing deal that I couldn’t refuse. I’m so happy that Ignition Financial could help me.

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