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Kyle Bass: A Suspicious Character

Kyle Bass is up to no good–at least that’s what it seems. It’s hard to say anything conclusively anymore, but following are some interesting facts to consider; among them Bass’ heritage, political motivations, and evidence he’s been using a humanitarian front as a means of manipulating the stock market to his advantage–and at the expense of the infirm, no less!

Financial blogger Kyle Bass is originally from Argentina and bases his hedge fund out of Texas. Yet despite the conservative nature of Texas, in his home country, Bass has very close ties to the president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Kirchner is a well-known socialist, and her policies have practically melted the Argentinian economy into a slag. Yet Bass has very friendly relations with her. If that’s not an economic red flag, it’s hard to know what one looks like. But wait, there’s more.

It’s not just that Bass is hand-in-glove with a very high-profile socialist, he regularly profits from the loss of big-time capitalist organizations! In specific, Bass has used his organization CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, to decrease the price of big-ticket pharmaceuticals’ drugs. When their prices drop, Bass profits through short-selling his stock. Think of it like betting against someone in a fight, and knowing the person you bet against was going to take a dive. But in this case, the guy’s only taking a dive because someone hired goons to kidnap his family, or something nefarious like that. Because even though the pharmaceutical companies lower their prices, they can no longer afford to spend properly on research and development, meaning Bass’ economic shenanigans end up costing millions of innocents otherwise attainable cures.

Kyle Bass hit the scene in 2008 to international acclaim. Bass managed to predict that America and the world would reel from an economic decline of substantial magnitude. He was right, everybody started listening to him. The thing is, Bass wasn’t the only person to see that coming from a long ways off. He was just one of the few who had the right kind of political platform to predict it from.

When all these bits of information are put together, then suddenly it makes sense to take everything Kyle Bass says via mainstream media with a grain of salt. His involvement with CAD shows just how clever he has become at manipulating social events. His relationship to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner is everything but proof Bass has deep socialist ties, and therefore ulterior motives. His increasingly poor predictions demonstrate a profound lack of actual acumen, meaning there’s probably something else at play, here.

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