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Lime Crime Lipstick: The Best Accessory

Bright colors, flawless matte texture, shown on gorgeous plump lips (of which I am so jealous!)… in other words, Celia Leslie’s video is a perfect introduction to some of the Velvetine matte lipstick colors available from Lime Crime. Leslie takes the time to try on twenty-four of the eye-popping lipsticks, and I’ve basically decided I need at least half a dozen of them. They all line up perfectly with my personal makeup philosophy that makeup should be as fun as your wardrobe, and like a fabulous scarf, or brightly colored cigarette pants, lipstick is the best and easiest way to make a statement, no matter the setting.

My Must-Have Basics
My everyday looks are usually basic, with non-flashy colors that augment the natural coloration of my lips. This is why I love Bleached, a peachy nude color that I can wear from class to work. It adds the perfect amount of pink coloring to finish off any no-makeup look.

I’m also a sucker for red. I love classic reds that remind me of vintage glamour, like Red Velvet. This is the perfect red to wear with all black, or with all white, or just because you feel like having cherry red lips. Along the same lines, Saint is the fall-version of this always-a-favorite classic red.

My “Just-For-Funsies”
As I said before, lipstick is the best accessory, and Lime Crime really gets that. Two not-so-basic colors that I loved from the video were True Love, a vibrant pinky-red that is great for a romantic date night, and Peacock, a flawless teal blue with amazing full-lip coverage for a night out dancing.

I was excited to learn that Lime Crime is cruelty free and vegan, as they point out on Facebook, as well as that Doe Deere is so involved in the creative process for her company. Strong ethics like this are always a pleasure to find when you really love a product, and I will be happy to support Lime Crime for all future lipstick purchases.

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