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Mike Baur; Fundamentals Concerning his Entrepreneurism

Mike is a Swiss entrepreneur, serving as the CEO and co-founder of Swiss Startup Factory, a private banking firm. He has worked with the organization for over twenty years, where he has provided extraordinary help. Baur spends his quality time impacting the Swiss youth entrepreneurship since he has the heart for the youths who are passionate about entrepreneurship. In fact, he serves as a mentor to so many of them, where he even bankrolls their viable projects. Mike is highly educated, holding an MBA from the University of Rochester New York, and also an Executive MBA from the University of Berne.


Key Details About Swiss Startup Factory

The firm highly inclines towards technology because they believe that it is the way to go in all the sectors. Given that digitization has changed the entire face of the worldwide economy, they too have ensured a forefront position in embracing it. New models and structures are rising daily, which has made them remain busy throughout as they customize solutions for the issues that are emerging daily. According to them, if a company fails to embrace the rising techniques, they will be risking getting replaced by the relatively young and growing ventures that are ready to keep up the pace at which digitization is happening in this time and age. Being a company with global recognition, Swiss Startup Factory campaigns for digital leadership.


Mike’s Key Responsibilities at Swiss Startup Factory

Mike is a technological mind and also bears incredible proficiency in the business industry. His influence in the respective office is, therefore, essential, and his primary duties revolve around finances. Issues that require raising of funds around Swiss are Mike’s entirely. He is a self-motivated and informed leader, hence the capacity to serve efficiently in the fundraising endeavors around the company.



There are several other initiatives where Mike has served. In his wisdom, Mike resolved not to invest in startup ventures. That was before joining hands with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer in 2014 when they co-founded Swiss Startup Factory. As well, at the START Summiteer, Mike took part as a board member since his impact was deemed quite necessary. Back in February 2016, Swiss Startup Factory, where he is a managing partner, partnered with Fintech Fusion before Wall Street Journal described Mike’s prior skills from Swiss banking fit to undertake entrepreneurial investments. So far Baur’s proficiency is in the limelight, and he is a recognized global figure.


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