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Naomi Campbell Does the Impossible

Naomi Campbell is almost 50 years old. Most models that are gracing the cover of magazines are in their twenties. It may be possible for models that are in the thirties to gain some recognition, but a 46 year old model that is still making the cover of magazines sounds absurd in most cases. People just are not going to go for this. In 2016 Naomi Campbell has made the cover of Paper, Vogue, Pop, and Attitude. She has proven to herself to be worthy of all the accolades that she has received in her time in the spotlight.

I don’t know if anyone else do what she does. I think that a lot of women envy what Campbell has been able to do in the fashion world because she has branched outside of the role of a model. She has appeared in reality television and scripted television shows. This is quite amazing for someone that started out as a model at the age of 15. I cannot imagine how anyone that started this early would be able to stick around for so long and still be relevant. Most rappers don’t have careers this long. Athletes don’t last this long. Naomi Campbell has been relevant in the fashion world for 3 decades, and somehow there is still no sign that she is slowing down. I think that this is an amazing thing.

I really do believe that a lot of models can learn a thing or two from Naomi Campbell. She is one of the most interesting people that I know in the entertainment industry. Campbell is always doing some surprising things, and that keeps the buzz strong about her career. She is often seen in photos with younger men, and this certainly causes a lot of talk. It is just the way that she has been depicted in the entertainment industry. She is old, but no one thinks of her as an old woman. She looks young, and the entertainment industry continues to embrace this beautifully fit woman.

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