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Nationwide Title Clearing Making Title Defects a Thing of the Past

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC), a research firm that provides document-processing for the financial and mortgage industry, is vamping up their website in response to widespread title defects.


Lately, title defects have become commonplace within the real estate world, and that is the main reason why NTC has responded in earnest to this common problem that is said to cause unneeded foreclosures and non-liquidity within the real estate market. By updating their website and making it simpler to file and obtain property reports, Nationwide is securing the process of title conveyance and minimizing the risk of buybacks and untimely foreclosures.


Title defects usually occur because a person or entity makes a claim against someone else’s property. This, however, is not the only reason why title defects occur. Incorrect wording within real estate documents, omission of an important signature, pre-existing liens and other claims on the property which have not been removed, and inappropriate filing procedures are just some of the other obstacles that prevent a smooth mortgage or real-estate transaction.


NTC has sought to reduce these problems through their website by bringing any title defect to the attention of the participants before the sale or transference of property occurs. Key property reports may now be obtained online through Nationwide’s website. Such reports include:


Current Owner Reports

Assignment Verification Reports

Tax Status & Status Plus Reports


These specific online reports have been implemented onto NTC’s website based upon real-life land records, which have shown that such reports can dramatically reduce the occurrence of title defects. The major contribution NTC has provided to the masses in this regard is in its ability to provide these crucial reports through a quick, easy, and systematic online process.


NTC’s online process is in full compliance with U.S. regulations and all the data it secures through multiple data sources abide by good business practices. While much of Nationwide’s online processes are automated, the company also uses human verification procedures to ensure that all data is correct and up-to-date, as well as in compliance with real estate laws.


The current success of NTC’s online process is largely due to the company’s ability to understand what their clients need and then tailor a particular property report that contains the specific data appropriate to the property in question. Nationwide’s website can actually produce accurate reports by eliminating unnecessary documents and data which are not in concurrence with the client’s specific situation and requirements.


About Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc.


NTC was founded in 1991 and its headquarters are currently located in Palm Harbor, Florida. The company is privately held and specializes in residential mortgage research and document-processing.


Nationwide has a reputation within the real estate world for delivering high-quality research and document-processing. In fact, NTC has set the standard when it comes to protecting private homeowners, preserving U.S. land records, and easing mortgage banking industry transactions.


Today, NTC provides various mortgage-based services. These include property reports, land record research, lien releases, document tracking, and document retrieval.

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