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Securus Connects Imprisoned Father With Son For The Better Of Us All

This video here is an example of how technology can do good. It is a short clip showing a prisoner in jail video chatting with his son in what looks like a club setting. A band is setting up on stage and all the members of the band are calling to the prisoner through the video chat. It stirs up so many emotions for the prisoner that he begins to cry. She touches the screen with longing and pride as his son takes the stage to play with his band. It seems as if the prisoner used to play music as well and probably taught his son. In the end, it is clear that the prisoner is incredibly proud.


This kind of connection, provided by Securus Technologies, is absolutely vital to the health of a robust society. Just think about it, if you are a prisoner, wouldn’t you want connections to the outside world? Especially when it concerns your family in such an emotionally powerful way.


┬áThat connection right there is what connects a convict to the society that he lives in. Imagine being him. Imagine feeling connected to society before you leave prison. Wouldn’t you be much less likely to commit a crime? If you cared about the world that you are about to enter, you would not fall back into your old tendencies and commit new crimes. You would create a world in which you could participate in your son’s life and play music right next to him, wouldn’t you?


But look at it from the other side for a second. Imagine a prison that did not allow you to communicate with your family at all. Wouldn’t you feel disenfranchised? Wouldn’t you get angry at the world and perhaps want to commit more crime when you left prison? Study after study shows this to be true. Prisoners that feel like a part of society when they leave jail are much less likely to commit more crimes. Disenfranchised souls are much more likely to commit crimes. Which one do you want for your society?


I for one am glad to have companies like Securus Technologies around. The good people at this company allow prisoners to video chat with anybody outside of the person. All you need to do is set up an account and schedule a time. It’s that easy. And I’m hoping that every prisoner can connect with society before they leave through Securus.


Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

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