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Securus Technologies, Safeguarding Society through Technology

When it comes to provision of criminal justice technology solutions aimed at improving public safety, monitoring, corrections and credible investigations, Securus Technologies has carved out a niche for itself. Leaving a series of technological innovations as its footprints in the industry. Securus Technologies recently opted to release a tranche of letters and emails that the company received from its esteemed customers over the past few months. Aware of their reputation in the market, the Securus Technologies CEO was upbeat of the performance his organization has achieved in the time it’s been in operation, remarking that they do and will continue to release new technology innovations to the market every week.


While redacting names of various customers, most of the correspondence were of satisfied service consumers commenting on how various pieces of technology helped them solve puzzles in their lines of work. An investigation department official for example was glad information collected from phone calls helped to nab a corrupt staff member while another was glad they had used the technology to uncover inmate facilities problems such as alcohol and drug abuse, past shootouts and civilians providing description drugs at a discount.


A contraband goods monitoring agency was glad Securus Technologies had helped him enhance the monitoring capabilities and effectiveness. While a sheriff department official was excited that Securus’ LBS technology had assisted them recover illegal assets, cash money and drugs from drug peddlers something that could otherwise have been difficult.


Securus Technologies is a major provider of jail technologies to many facilities across the North American continent. Its greatest strength lies in its innovations potential whose importance has made it a service provider of choice to many. It serves up 3500 facilities with a capacity of more than 1.2 million inmates across the continent. Its major services include biometric synthesis, investigation, information management and monitoring systems.


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