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Stream Energy for the Energy Giant

We all use energy and therefore incur energy bills. A sudden increase in the energy bill that the one we expect shocks everyone. Worse, we can never work without it. The high energy costs always make us wonder how it came about and the best possible ways of managing energy bills. The increase energy bill always comes from hidden expenses of household gadgets. Many of us do not realize that devices plugged in do still use energy even if they are not active. Yes, they do use a minimum amount of power, and when you add it up over time, it is what makes that bill to go higher. You can therefore gradually reduce your energy bills by ensuring all the gadgets in your house are shut down and unplugging your devices when you are not using them. Watch this video on Youtube.

It is also essential to supervise your energy bills, and this can be possible by use of energy bills monitoring tools. Stream Energy sells these energy management tools.

Stream Energy is an American firm that retails in both electricity and natural gas. The company started its operations in 2005. It is a leading direct selling company that deals with energy, wireless, protective and home services. The headquarters of Stream Energy is in Tollway Center in Dallas. The current president who is also the chief executive officer of Stream Energy is called Larry Mondry. He took over the position in 2016. Watch this video on

Stream Energy has revolutionized the energy industry because of its vast network. Over 12 years, Stream Energy made total revenue of eight billion dollars it this has transformed it to be one of the largest companies in the global energy market involved in direct selling. The primary sales channel of Stream energy is multi-level marketing. In this form of marketing, Stream Energy sales associates earn commissions by selling products and services to customers or by recruiting new sales associates. Before, Stream Energy hired its sales ages through its multi-level division called Ignite. Ignite was later merged into Stream Energy brand in 2014. Most Stream Energy services are available across the United States of America.


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