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What Paul Mampilly Told Ideamensch About His Work

Paul Mampilly is considered quite an investment guru because he’s always finding fresh ideas and usually correct in the stunning predictions he makes. He formerly worked for the big banks and hedge funds, but now he’s an independent advisor who writes for Banyan Hill to show middle class investors how to take control of their investments. Ideamensch decided to sit down with Mampilly to find out how his typical work day looked like.

For Mampilly, he says he begins quite early and is full of staying up to date with market news and watching the prices of his own stocks. What he loves about his current profession is that his research and information is such that is affordable for most regular Americans. He believes that ideas are best brought to life by thoroughly examining his recommended stocks and finding ways to make his discoveries understandable for the average person. Two things he urges investors to pay attention to are how the internet is gradually taking over just about every operation, and what millennials are buying.

Mampilly moved to the US in 1991 and attended Montclair State University. He had to work hard at a gas station and cleaning a cafeteria to support himself through school, but he always points to those jobs as having key learning experiences for him. Upon graduating from Montclair State, he went to work as a credit research assistant at Deutsche Bank, and from there moved up to assistant portfolio manager and senior portfolio manager positions at ING, Banker’s Trust, Sears and a private Swiss bank. And after that, he became a high-ranking manager for Kinetics International Fund, a firm that Mampilly helped grow AUM to $25 billion during his time there. The high annual returns he made in client investments made Kinetics International the “World’s Best Hedge Fund” according to Barron’s.

Paul Mampilly also beat the obstacles of the Great Recession in 2008 when he joined the Templeton Foundation investment competition and turned $50 million into $88 million in one year. He also found several stocks he believed would become big shortly, and those happened to include Sarepta Therapeutics, CEMEX, Netflix and Facebook. His newsletters at Banyan Hill include “Profits Unlimited,” “Extreme Fortunes” and “True Momentum.” Mampilly also writes a few free articles and posts YouTube videos on various topics, and you might see him appear occasionally on business news networks.

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