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The Success of Sam Boraie

Sam Boraie is a businessman in real estate. He serves as the vice president at Boraie Development. He is one of the key leaders in the real estate company and is also its founder. Sam worked in the family business for several years and is always focused on looking for new development targets. Some of the key leaders in Boraie Development are Sam’s younger sister and older brother. Sam Boraie is the son of an Egyptian-born real estate developer, Omar Boraie. Sam dedicates a significant amount of time in the family business. Sam takes part in several charitable organizations apart from his role in Boraie Development.

Sam is a member of the Board of Trustee in the State Theatre of New Jersey. The State Theatre serves as a local cultural phenomenon that displays certain productions every year in New Brunswick and all over New Jersey. It greatly relies on charitable donations and the majority of it comes from either the Boraie family, Sam Boraie, or Boraie Development. According to NJ Biz,Sam Boraie is also involved in another charitable organization known as Elijah’s Promise which aims to break the poverty cycle in communities in the entire New Jersey. The top goal of Elijah’s Promise is to provide healthy and safe foods, end hunger, empower people to acquire and maintain employment and to create businesses that promote social benefits.

Sam Boraie is a member of the Board of Directors at Elijah’s Promise. Patch reveals that he is highly involved in the organization’s planning of future objectives. Sam has been able to earn a reputation as one of the most creative real estate executives. Sam has played an important part in the revitalization of the property market in New Brunswick for over 20 years. Sam is the head of Boraie Development’s business development division. The company has been able to register massive growth under his leadership.

Sam has been able to make many sales in real estate projects due to Sam’s exceptional marketing skills. The Boraie Development provided a broad range of services in all areas of urban real estate market. This includes the development of real estate, sales, marketing, and property management.

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