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Women in Business Find a Partner in QNET

Entrepreneurial opportunities have grown in recent decades thanks in no small part to the Internet and the access it gives the individual to establish and grow a business, access materials necessary to reach a potential customer base. But it’s not always as simple as it seems, and for some adopting a partnership with a business like QNET, one that sees the potential for good in an entrepreneur can make the difference between success and failure.

Forgoing the path of traditional employment, leaving fixed income for the possibility of increasing revenue through business, and building a schedule and work environment that works uniquely to their personal lives, is a decision that many find alluring, but few know how to begin. To sort of show the way, QNET took the initiative to extend a relationship to prospective partners. During International Women’s Day, which many businesses observe to recognize the contributions women make to the world of business, QNET unveiled an initiative that extended an invitation to young female entrepreneurs. This partnership is designed to help these young business people develop their business ideas before going out to the public, giving them the tools necessary to remain competitive.

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This is a continuation of QNET’s goal of maintaining a diverse work environment and helping the world of business become a more gender-equal environment (, . In fact, according to the Direct Selling Association, QNET’s direct selling to independent businesses has filled 74% of its workforce with women, as well as throughout the company itself. According to Khaled Diab, QNET’s MENA Regional General Manager, the makeup of the company has been critical in its success selling in the MENA region.

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. In numbers collected by the United States Agency of International Development, exclusionary economies, wherein a specific group of people have all the opportunities to prosper, leads to a sluggish economy, working against the goal of development of these countries. Instead, the USAID recommends that opportunities be made available to all, including women and young girls, because with access to effective healthcare and education, they can take part and interest in the development of their countries.

This is an assessment that QNET has agreed with in some fashion for a while now, making their decision to partner with women in direct selling to be an organic one. And this is a mutually beneficial relationship, wherein QNET gets access to brilliant minds in business and these young women gain the experience necessary to pursue their dreams in business.

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  1. While beneficial to the growth and overall health of QNET, having women play central roles in businesses also helps the local economy and their communities. That could go a long way into making something that most people want from them.

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